She Was Burnt Into Ashes Because She Couldn’t Bring Dowry.

“Okay, we like your daughter, but we hope that she doesn’t continue to work after marriage.”
“Sure, she doesn’t have any intention to carry on. So should we consider it a yes?” said the mother of the girl while she stayed quiet.
She didn’t say anything. She wanted to work after marriage and live her dream life but now she knew she had to quit.

“Then we are fine, but!”
“But.. What?”
“Uh!.. We hope you are giving something for your daughter to us, so she can stay happy after coming to our house. Also, a four-wheeler car according to our standards and of course a good amount of money.”

The girl’s mother and father both sank in awkward silence. They were poor.
The mother of the girl said to the family of groom-to-be:- “Okay, we’ll do as much as we can.”
Then the latter left leaving the girl’s family confused.

After the wedding, the groom’s family found the dowry that was given has cheap quality clothings and less money with a cheap four-wheeler.

They were very disappointed. But now their son was married to her. So, they started humiliating the girl within the next few days of marriage. She lived like a maid and was beaten by her husband. She was cursed. One day she asked for her rights and warned them if they didn’t treat her well, she will go to the police station. But, the next day, she was burned into ashes. Guess what? Her mother in-law murdered her by leaking the gas in the kitchen where she use to work all day. She told the police that gas leakage was an accident.

Ain’t this a very common case in India? The daughter-in-law of some houses are treated like a maid, humiliated, faces domestic violence and stuff. And is expected to bring a huge amount of dowry. And then she is murdered because she couldn’t bring dowry or she can’t bear a male child.

Is this the humanity?
Pucker up, this is a mad design.
Oh, my dear society,
she is a woman,
a mother, sister, daughter not a burden.
And after 70 years of independence,
she’s not yet free.

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