Full Form Of BT And 40 Common Delhi Slangs

Common Delhi slangs
Common Delhi slangs

Are you new to Delhi and struggling to understand some common Delhi slangs like full form of BT?

Dilwalon ki Dilli mei aapka swagat hai! A city bustling with DTC buses, metros, and honking cars has its own language now. People from all over the country have made Delhi a melting pot. Vibrant bazaars, spicy street food, stunning monuments, and a plethora of opportunities in the capital city have attracted people from time immemorial.

This cosmopolitan nature has led to people creating a lingo unique to them. Delhi slangs are not mere words, they equate to emotions and essence of life for Delhiites. If you are new to the city or planning to move here any time soon, start learning these words by heart!

Go through this dictionary of common Delhi slangs to brush up your vocabulary

1. Khadd

Meaning: wait, stop.

Usage: “Khadd jaa, bhai. There’s still time for your turn.”

2. Scene

Meaning: plan, or fight.

Usage: “Bhai scene ho gaya kal college ke bahar.” A fight took place in front of the college.

“Bro aaj raat ka kya scene hai?” What’s the plan for tonight?

3. Cheapde

Meaning: cheap, un-classy

Usage: “Bhai kaisa cheapda hai tu” What kind of a cheapster are you?

4. Banda/Bandi

Meaning: Boyfriend, Girlfriend

Usage: “Wo Rahul ki Bandi hai” She is Rahul’s girlfriend

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5. Chape

Meaning: creepy, the one who sticks around despite your attempts to avoid him/her or stick,

Usage: “Wo chape ho raha hai”

“Ye kaam usko chep de” Give this work to him

6. Jugaad

Meaning: try using a jack

Usage: “Bhai admission mei koi jugaad laga de” Please get my admission sorted by hook or crook.

7. Dimag ka dahi

Meaning: Getting irritated to a great extent

Usage: “Yaar nikal yahan se, dimaag ka dahi mat kar.” Don’t irritate me, get lost”

8. Tota

Meaning: Hot

Usage: “Yaar kya tota lag rahi hai.” Wow dude, you’re looking hot.

9. Chull

Meaning: An elongated feeling of aggravation.

Usage: “Sonu ka selection ho gya to tujhe kyun chull mach rahi hai?” If Sonu got selected, why are you getting itched?

10. Bhassad

Meaning: confusion leading to anger and frustration / ruckus

Usage: “Bhassad macha rakhi hai.” They’ve created a ruckus.

11. Gedi

Meaning: mindless loitering

Usage: “Raat ko gedi maarne chalenge” We’ll go for a drive tonight

12. Jhak

Meaning: fulfillment of unimportant tasks

Usage: “Usko job par jhak maarne ke paise mil rahe hai.” That’s not even a real job; she gets paid for nothing.

13. Vella

Meaning: jobless

Usage: “Vella hai kya?” Don’t you have a job?

14. Bhand

Meaning: super high or drunk

Usage: “Kya bakwas kar raha hai, bhand hai kya?” What non-sense are you talking; are you drunk?

15. Thulla

Meaning: slow-walking policeman with a big gut

Usage: “Signal par thulle khade hai.” Policemen are standing at the traffic signal

16. Tagda

Meaning: Superb

Usage: “Kya tagda shot maara Dhoni ne.” Dhoni hit a superb shot.

17. Lio (khaa lio)

Meaning: a substitute for ‘lena’ and a sign of poor Hindi

Usage: “Khaa kha lio” Have your meal.

18. Tope

Meaning: canon, but essentially bomb

Usage: “Badi tope bani phirti hai.” What does she think of herself?

19. Tu janta nahi mera baap kaun hai?

Meaning: A classic phrase to aggravate a clash of egos. sign of a spoilt brat.

Usage: “Mujhse panga mat le. Tu jaanta nahi mera baap kon hai.” Don’t mess with me. You don’t know who’s my dad.

20. Feel aa gayi

Meaning: Such a feeling of pleasure you can’t possibly explain

Usage: “Raju ki kachori khaake feel aa gayi.” Raju’s kachori was so good, I can’t even explain.

21. Fattu

Meaning: loser

Usage: “Fattu hai kya?” Are you a loser?

22. Bindass

Meaning: Carefree

Usage: “Zindagi bilkul bindass jee.” Live life carefree.

23 Ghanta

Meaning: literally “bell” but essentially, “nonsense” or “rubbish”.

Usage: “Tu bolega aur mei maan lunga? Ghanta.” You want me to buy into everything you say? Yeah right!

24. Pataka

Meaning: literally means ‘fireworks’ but in conversation, it’s used to refer to attractive girls. (Be careful because some people find it offensive; also used in catcalling)

Usage: “My best friend was looking pataka for the farewell party.”

25. Pakau

Meaning: Annoying and boring person.

Usage: “The professor just wouldn’t stop blabbering rubbish. What a pakau.”

26. Deun kya?

Meaning: a threat to beat someone up. In its extended form, it could be “should I give you a good one?”

Usage: “Stop pestering me. Deun kya?”

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27. Dhinchak

Meaning: flashy, tacky

Usage: “Kapoor aunty is dressed up in a very dhinchak fashion.”

28. Bhains Ki Aankh

Meaning: to get surprised/shocked; in literal terms- bull’s eye

Usage: “Bhains ki aankh. How did she get the job?”

29. Jhand Karna

Meaning: to embarrass someone

Usage: “Sneha ne sabke saamne Rashul ki jhand kardi” Sneha insulted Rashul in front of everyone.

30. Chaatu

Meaning: person who talks excessively, a chatterbox

Usage: “He keeps talking in the class the whole time; what a chaatu.”

31. Chamcha

Meaning: a sycophant, creep

Usage: “He’s always found around the teacher. Teacher ka chamcha.”

32. Chirkut

Meaning: a loser, a term for addressing someone

Usage: “Aye chirkut, go and get me something to eat.”

33. Dhakkan

Meaning: dumb person

Usage: “Wo dhakkan hai, he won’t understand anything.”

34. Funda

Meaning: an abbreviation of fundamentals, concept

Usage: “Simple sa funda hai..” It’s a basic concept..

35. Lafda / Kaand

Meaning: a serious matter or mistake

Usage: “Bhai, usne phir kaand kardia.” He made a mistake again.

36. Kaint

Meaning: pretty, beautiful looking. Originating from the Punjabi word ghaint.

Usage: “Kya kaint lag rahi hai aaj tu.” You are looking really pretty today.

37. @$%!^&

Meaning: If you know it, you know it.

Usage: Just for any happy, sad, funny, high, low, surprise, angry, frustrating moment.

38. Adda

Meaning: THE place; regular hangout spot.

Usage: “Adde par milte hai shaam ko.” Let’s meet at our spot in the evening.

39. Chill Maar

Meaning: let go of it.

Usage: “At least you passed your exams. Chill kar.”

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40. Chomu

Meaning: naive

Usage: “Oye Chomu, be careful of your colleagues this time.”

41. BT

Meaning: Bad trip

Usage: “Bhai, BT mat de.”

Did you have a blast reading silly translations because I sure did. They are hilarious when explained it another language. But once your tongue gets a hold of it, you are not leaving these words any sooner.

If we missed a Delhi slang you use with your friends, help us enrich our vocabulary by telling us in the comments below!

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