Boys Should Not Cry

By – Dhruv Sharma

“Boys do not cry.”

Why? Because we are strong? Or because we feel less? Because we don’t get hurt? We are supposed to take care of our girls on “those days”, but what about us? How often we need this? I am pretty sure that we don’t need it more than once in a few weeks. It’s not like we can’t take care of them or that we shouldn’t but what about the days when we need emotional support? When we face a mental breakdown? How many girls you see pamper the boys?

We are not allowed to cry when we lose someone because “if you’ll cry then who’ll take care of others?” Or “everyone needs you to be strong right now.” Why? There’s no such thing like “boys are strong” or that they don’t cry. We boys just know how to hide our tears. We might not be good at this but we have just adapted it. From where?

From this hypocrite society.

That’s all that you can learn from the society, how to kill the actual you and become the required you.

We get hurt.

We feel bad.

Sometimes we cry too.

If you are actually looking for a better world you really need to take off our armour. The armour of all those fake qualities that you want in us.