5 Bollywood Movies Which Expressed Love Beyond Stalking

Our generation whose expression of love pops up on the screen with the heart emoticon are still puzzled. We are still finding ways to express our true love. Taking love counselling from our single friends, blogs and articles in Google may or may not influence, but then again awe-inspiring moments of Bollywood leave their mark. For years Bollywood is promoting and we are blaming the worst expression of love Stalking. Actually, it is not even an expression of love. Maybe we don’t know what is the right way to express love, but we know the way we should not.

Backing our belief there are few movies narrating emotional connections and sweet expression of love through following movies.

1. Sanam Teri Kasam

Inder Parihaar (Harsvardhan Rane) and Saraswati Parthasarathy’s (Mawre Hocane) love story is sealed by a curse which gave us self-less and silent love. Lonely criminal finding solace in borrowed books left pieces of his heart to her. He helped throughout without forcing his emotions or burdening her. The library scene where she finds his notes of love and their conversation is the best we can ask for.

Saru tum mere best choice ho, par mere jaise criminal tumhare best choice nahi.

Someone understanding you and thinking about you even before you speak is the best expression of love.

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2. Akaash Vaani

Akaash (Kartik Aaryan) and Vaani’s (Nushrat Bharucha) college love found its end in the norms and falsely brooded egos of society. Director highlights narrow mindsets, no-consideration for women in the decisions of marriage and most ignored and important tragedy, ‘Marital Rape.’ Although her parents push her back to her husband, Akaash stands on her side. Although he expresses hatred towards her insensitivity of breaking up on phone, he understands her current mental deterioration. He helps her to rejuvenate and brings back her confidence to stand for herself. He pulls her out of toxic relationship expectation.

“Woh khush hoti toh dikkat hoti ki mere Saath nahi. Par kya wo khush hai? I feel use lagta hai ki, use khush rehne ka Haq he nahi hai. I just want her to be happy for once. Phir jab who laute use khushi na miley toh usse katke aur woh kuch karne ki himmat kare.”

Can we ask for a better expression of love than holding the hand of support and understanding silence?

3. Running Shaadi

Although this highlights the different concept of providing service for a runaway couple, there is a main love story. Ram Bharose (Amit Sadh) and Nimmi (Tapsee Pannu) gave us a true story of acceptance. Bharose accepts Nimmi’s past relations and also helps her as a good friend in teen pregnancy. Nevertheless, he never dared to express his love even after supporting her to run-away. Tapsee dared to fight for it breaking his shell and making her love successful.

Courage and fight for love (when your loved one cannot), is the expression of love we crave for.

4. Phillauri

Presenting two parallel love stories Phillauri also plated comparative love story. Let’s talk about ‘Philauri’ couple- Roop Lal (Diljit Dosanjh) and Shashi Kumari (Anushka Sharma).

Their love story ended on a tragic, yet happy note and we saw the forgiving nature of Shashi. If you cannot forgive the person you love, you are not in love. You may choose to stay away, but you still forgive. Shashi forgave him and aligned her dreams with his. Owing to that time, they made each other’s dream significant no less than the other.

Making our dreams priority and helping to achieve them is the expression of love we fall for.

5. Tamasha

This movie of Imtiaz Ali received mixed views. The love story of Tara and Ved had two facets. One phase of Ved where he is mask-less with whom Tara fell in love and another phase of the mask which is suffocating him. Tara communicated her emotional state instead of saying yes to his proposal. Her conversation with him is a crucial point which changes his life for better. Although followed series of events was hard yet they were meant to happen for better.

I Love You is not the only expression of love. The conversation of truth without the mask is the honest expression.

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Start expressing love in better ways instead of stalking women in real and virtual. Before blaming Bollywood, blame your sense of inspiration.

Do you know more movies and better ways to express love? Share with us in the comments below.