Biryani Anthem – A Parody Of Ed Sheeran’s Shape Of You

In this world where fast food or junk food is preferred to the ones at home, there is one dish, which takes its stand as the most favorite. Biryani! To me, even the word is finger-licking good. So, a group of people like us, Biryani Lovers, choreographed an Anthem, naming it “The Biryani Anthem“, as a Parody of Ed Sheeran’s “Shape of You“.

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Pizza or Biryani?

Where does Extra Mozzarella Cheese Pizza stand when the tangy spicy yet delectably sweet aroma of Biryani pokes at our noses?

Biryani anthem

Burger or Biryani?

Where does Triple Chesse Burger stand when chicken pieces drenched in Rice and Masala dance about, inviting you?

Biryani anthem

Famous Tastes and Looks

This Ramzan season, as of tomorrow, I am sure, most of us will be drawing a Biryani and Haleem party from our Muslim friends. Originating from Muslim culture, the Mughals, initially, with a perfect coupling to Persian mild spices, it is now available in various tastes.

1. Lucknow wala or Awadh

The oldest Biryani that still sends mouth-watering shivers through our bodies. Top it off with a Coke or Mountain Dew and let your tongues burn with renewed passion!

biryani anthem

Click here for the Recipe!

2. Hyderabadi

Who wouldn’t want to eat the sumptuous flavors of Bawarchi and Paradise in Hyderabad? Latest, trendy and quickly rising, Hyderabadi Dum Biryani is on par with its oldest predecessor. In a tug of war between Awadh and Hyderabadi, which one would you prefer?
Biryani anthem
Click here for the Recipe!

3. Sindhi

Compared to regular Biryanis, Sindhi is famous for its spiciness. Want your mouth literally on fire? Grab a pot of this!
Biryani anthemClick here for the Recipe!

4. Ambur

Ambur is a small town in Chennai where people eat Biryani for breakfast. Believe me, I eat Biryani 4 times a day (breakfast, lunch, brunch, and dinner) when my Mom makes it. What about you?

Rice used – Special rice known as Seeraga Samba
Biryani anthem
Learn about Ambur and its recipe from the Kitchen of Nawabs

5. Mughlai and much more

These lip-smacking Biryanis are not to be missed at any cost.

The Biryani Anthem

Veg Biryani’s not Biryani
I’m in love with Biryani

– an excerpt from the Anthem

Biryani anthem

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The message Ahmed Shariff, the lyricist gives through his anthem –

Eat with your hands not with a spoon
Biryani’s my favorite food

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