Bird flies And Hits An Anchor’s Head In A News Show

When The Scarlet Ibis Stole It From Nichelle Medina

Anchoring is a tough job. You need to talk nice and crazy and look great and appear great. And when there’s something unexpected that spoils the whole thing mentioned above-you need to act great. Well, this time it was an unexpected guest on the show of Zoo Day.

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Zoo Day, a segment is focused on the American channel KFMB reported a sarcastic incident. “A bird flew to the anchor’s head.” The line blew the minds with laughter shots, focusing how a Scarlet Ibis from the nearby San Diego zoo flew on the head of the anchor, Nichelle Medina, making the Zoo Day sound real.

And it’s Sofie

Yes, the bird has got a name, Sofie. The scarlet ibis recently became the laughter bird to the people. And it’s because of the dramatic entry she gave with the rage of occupying her throne (which was Medina’s head). This 10-year lady must be told – you stole the show. Well, she would never understand this, but anchor Nichelle Medina does.


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How about thinking the incident wearing Medina’s shoe. She wasn’t the one mentioned above, having coffee. But she indeed secretly cared about spoiling her hair, making her look sarcastic and with a sweet terror of what this one is going to do next to me. Thoughts that almost horrified her, yet the woman took it in a serious action. She showcased her humour laughing at herself and her badass mode being calm like “ Well, that’s a nice headgear.”

Applauds to the anchor! For being hilarious, humorous, courageous yet gracious.

The show went on with a warm cold war between Medina and the ibis, where the ibis appeared like I’m just being here travelling around and Medina being – This is my show.

Saying it anything, the hot red (scarlet) ibis stole the show. Yelling it louder, media is a tough job.

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