An Interview With Bhavini Purohit, The “Radha” Of Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Bhavini Purohit
An Interview With Bhavini Purohit, The Radha Of Saath Nibhana Saathiya.

Who attracts us, more than a seedhi-saadhi Sati-Savitri type ki ladki? Especially, on a Television screen? The girl who portrays the “villain” role! An innocent girl with a hint of devilishness. One such girl, who stole the hearts of all Television serial viewers with her innocence and wickedness, is Bhavini Purohit; the actress who played the role of “Radha” in the drama “Saath Nibhana Saathiya”; aired by Star Plus for a period of 7 years (2010-2017).

The MagZone will now acquaint you with the ever cheerful actress and fashion vlogger, Bhavini Purohit, through these excerpts from our interview with her.

1. You played the “Radha” role in ‘Saath Nibhana Saathiya’. How did you feel while playing this role?

In the words of Bhavini, “See, basically, it was really difficult for me. It was my debut show and I was really lucky that I got a show which was that popular. Initially, it started on a positive note but then they wanted to try something different because things were working out and there were many positive characters in the show, when it comes to Gopi, Kokila. They wanted negative ones like ‘Rucha’ (Rashi, in the show) and ‘Vandana ma’am‘ (Gaura Suryavanshi, in the show). They wanted to try out a negative role which will actually be liked by people. And it really worked out.

To be very frank, I really enjoyed every part of that because, with this negative character, I got to play so many different shades! Kitne stunts karne ka mauka mila hain jo shayad mein kabhi nahin karti (laughs). Like, mein mountain se koodti hoon. (I got the opportunity to do a lot of stunts. Like, jumping from a mountain) These are the things which I enjoy doing with the stunt masters and all. It was absolutely fun being on the set. I love each and everything I’ve done on Saathiya”.

Bhavini Purohit

2. What else should we know about “Bhavini”, who isn’t the “Radha” we know?

Aisa kuch bhi nahin hain ki I have this or mein yeh hi particular cheezein karti hoon (I’m not particular about anything or that I’ll do only a few things). I’m a total Mumbaikar girl. Born and brought up in Mumbai. A normal Mumbai girl – I’m one of them. I was lucky enough be a part of a show like this where people started recognizing me and stuff. I really lead a very normal life and I do have a few friends from the industry, whom I still hang out with. Specifically, when it comes to “Saathiya” gang, they’re my friends for life. They’re like my family! We do keep meeting each and every day or on any occasions. From my second show (Jana Na Dil Se Door), I’m in touch with very few actors. My nature is not like “I’m not gonna talk to anyone” but it’s just that you don’t have time to talk to everyone.

My Mom and Dad are very important in my life during any phase. All the things when it comes to my work also, my Dad is the first person whom I go and ask, “Ye karna chahiye yah nahin? Ye kaisa hai, kya hai?” (Should I do this or not? How’s this? What’s this?) When it comes to my work, it’s my Dad and my Uncle. I also party but not every day. Now that I have started my YouTube channel, I’m working on that. So, I want to grow properly and I’m putting my efforts into my channel. Apart from being an actor, I have these two new things that I’ve started – the YouTube channel and I collaborate with brands”.

Yeah, your first video was a collaboration with “Daniel Wellington” watches, right?

“Yeah, yeah, I started with that. It’s one brand to which I’m connected with for a long time. So I started with that and I just wanted to be connected with my fans. Social media pe har bar sabko reply karna possible nahin hota hain (It’s not always possible to answer everyone on social media). This is one way I keep asking for their opinions – “What would you guys want to see?” Sometimes fans request that they want a video with Rucha. I can do it then, according to a schedule. Let’s just do something so that even they (fans) see us. Now that we’re not doing a show together, we’re not seen together. These are the only occasions where the fans can see us – ‘mein Devo ke saath karun yah Rucha ke saath’ (either with Devo or with Rucha). There are a few best friends with whom I can do my videos anytime. And I’m sure that fans always want to see us. I’m happy with that“.

3. You’ve acted two roles – one as ‘Radha’ in ‘Saath Nibhana Saathiya’ and the other as ‘Bhumi’ in ‘Jaana Na Dil Se Door’. What is your favourite role? What’s the difference you found between your two roles?

“See, I can’t select which is my favourite role. Obviously, both are my favourite roles because I’ve given my time to both the characters. But, if you see, ‘Radha’ would be closer to my heart than ‘Bhumi’. It was a debut show; I knew NOTHING about acting when I started my career with ‘Saathiya’. People cooperated with me. When it comes to all the actors, like Devoleena, they taught me what actually the things are; how the television serials work, you know? We have a long schedule! So, this particular character is a little closer to my heart because I played it for the longest of the time – 3.5 years. 3.5 years is too long, for a debut person.

People were loving it and more than that, I was enjoying doing it. We used to stay 12 hours on the set, morning 9 to evening 9, we used to have fun and actually wait for the next day 9’o clock. Our schedule used to be planned. Though it was a group of all the girls Swati Shah, Devoleena, Rucha and me, a couple of people who always used to be on set together. And, when it comes to Vishal and Mohammed, they were the only two guys on the show (chuckles).

It’s not like ‘Bhumi’ character isn’t close to my heart. I played that role for a short while. This role was for 1.5 years and that ‘Radha’ role was for 3.5 years. So in comparison, ab ek character bahut time ke liye wohi, wohi, character karte hain toh (if you act a character for a very very long time), you get into it. It used to be like a home! We hardly used to come back home, sleep and again go back”.

4. While auditioning, did you know that you were doing it for a ‘negative’ role?

“Not really. After the audition, they keep the options open. They want to see exactly how the person understands what the story is all about. And, this wasn’t a new show. Agar yeh show new hota to, they have an idea that yeh character kisko dena hai (If this was a new show, they have an idea as to whom they must give a character). It was a two-year-old show and I entered in its third year. They just wanted to introduce a girl. Gopi was a soft-cornered girl and uski behen ke roop mein (as her younger sister), they wanted me. In fact, audition ke time mein mujhe pata hi nahin ki yeh kya hai ya kya nahin (In fact, at the time of my audition, I didn’t know anything). Then again, I would say, during an audition, things are different from when it comes to the actual scene.

In an audition, you just have to speak for a few minutes. And when it comes to doing negative scenes, it’s different. So it hardly matters whether you audition for a negative role or not. It’s fine because the actual shooting works in a different way. When it comes to saying your lines and all, the feel is more important than anything else. The outcome has to be good”.

5. How did you feel while enacting negative roles? Did you get completely immersed in them?

I felt amazingTo be frank, I used to think that people might feel that I’m a negative girl. But now that you see, it’s a no. People don’t actually judge me as that kind of a person. On set, we are doing something different. After that, we are back to our masti, eating together, having fun together. Ek saal mujhe plan karna tha ki yeh aisa hai. Mujhe samajna padta tha (For a year, I had to plan and understand my role), about that negative role. Once you get used to it, you know. When they ask, “Ready?”, we’ll be ready. After a few minutes, we’ll be ourselves again, chitchatting and talking.

You don’t get this problem that things get into your mind or so. I never got that“.

6. Did you find any similarities between your roles on-screen and ‘Bhavini’ off-screen?

Says while laughing, No, not really! Because I was totally negative in those roles. Real life mein aisa bilkul bhi nahin hai (In real life, it’s not like that). The best thing about Bhavini is when I’m angry with someone, I stop talking. I can’t abuse someone. All I do is ignore, or, keep mum. But when it comes to ‘Radha’ and ‘Bhumi’, it was different. Agar unka lena dena bhi nahin hota tha, tab bhi woh padti thi cheezon mein (Even if they’re not included in any issue, they get involved, somehow). When it comes to my characters and when it comes to my real life, I’m a complete opposite.

I never got a chance to play “Bhavini” Bhavini. I always had to portray a different character and never got to do the bubbly and talkative roles“.

Bhavini Purohit

7. So, what kind of roles would you prefer/like to perform in future? You want to do “Bhavini” kind of roles or anything else?

“I already told you that ek show ka centre of attraction hota hai (Every show has a centre of attraction). A negative role is very important in a show. You get to play different shades and characters. You’re important because even if there are 10 good characters, there’ll only be ONE negative role in the show. Now that life has given me two negative roles, I would love to play a bubbly girl. A simple bubbly girl so that I can also be myself on screen. For example, Surbhi’s role in Ishqbaaz. It’s the best character I feel that I would love to do. A character wherein you’re always speaking and doing some fun. A lively character. Not a Sati-Savitri type character and according to my age”.

I hope you would get such a character and we, as fans, would love to see you play it!

Laughs while saying, “Thank you so much. I wish that too!”

8. Have you ever been stalked by your fans in public?

“Troubling ki baath ho tho, woh ek baar huya tha (When it comes to troubling, it happened once). Fans are really nice. They approach in a good way and in Mumbai, everyone knows. In a decent way, they come and even we are happy. If I feel like walking, I can walk. If anyone spots me, you can directly come to me and talk to me. But, yeah, we were stalked once. That was in Virar and Jivdhani. We were actually shooting for Saathiya only. Our shoot was for a period of 5 days. People came to know about our shoot as time went on. Yeh kaun hain (Who’s this)? Which show? Like I told you, this show was very popular.

There was one aunty, I remember, wearing a yellow saree. From morning 8’o clock to evening 6’o clock, till we end our shoot. She used to come early in the morning along with food and water for us. We always used to tell her to not bring them. Why do you want to ‘coz we used to not eat. We used to bring our own tiffins. One day, we literally had to ask her to stop doing that because no one was comfortable with it. She used to be on set 24×7! Even the Directors were angry because hamara koi bhi shot nahin hota tha (Directors were angry because our shots were interrupted and were not moving forth). Sir got very angry and she was one lady that I always remembered; that she stalked us for all 5 days! Also, she used to bring her own food and water!

Ek baar aap aake milke jao (Come and meet us once), that would be fine. Kabhi kabhi bura bhi lagta hai saamne walon ko (Even they’ll feel bad), that we’re not eating the things she’s getting for us”.

9. We’ve known from your Instagram that your interest in fitness comes from ‘Devoleena’.

Oh, yeah! It comes from Devoleena and Rucha. We three talk to each other every day and we meet once a month or two. When we meet, we talk about this, what to do next and all. Baaki saare baatein phone pe ho jaati hain (The rest, we talk on the phone) and we have a group! Har roj exercise karenge aur uska photo daalenge (We’ll exercise every day and post our picture in the group). That is the proof that we did exercise. You don’t need to post a video but at least a photo of your exercise. If one person was not doing it, we used to ping that person with, “You’ve not done it!” Beech mein ab thodi ruk gayi hai (Now, we stopped) ‘coz Devo went out, I came to London, Ruch went to UK. We’re not doing in January but we’ll again start by February.”

How influential are they in your life?

“When it comes to any important decisions in my life, like a trip or something, I don’t think anyone knew about me going to London, but these are the people who would know. Apart from these 3 girls, Devoleena, Rucha and, Swati Shah, Helly who’s from ‘Swaragini’; she’s equally important in my life. I guess these four people know everything about me and my life”.

Bhavini Purohit

10. How is your relationship different from the crew of Saath Nibhana Saathiya to the crew of Jaana Na Dil Se Door?

There’s absolutely no difference. I’m in contact with everyone and when it comes to any person, I’m always the same on the set. I can’t be very prude. I’m an adjustable person and people are ready to adjust too because if I’m told that there’s a lot of work the next day, I make sure that I’m on time. When it comes to ‘Saathiya’, Devo se milne jaathi thi set pe (I used to go to the sets to meet Devo). Like, if Devo and I had plans, we used to meet on set. People used to be happy ki “Madam aa gayi (Madam came)!” It used to be so much fun to greet them back. Still, sometimes, people do call me. So, yeah, I’m in touch with most of the people from both the shows, agar aap Behind-the-scenes logon ko bhi dekho toh (even with the people behind-the-scenes)”.

11. Your favourites for your fans – Time for The MagZone’s “Wall of Slam”!

Said ‘Hi’ to the world on?

“8th of December”.

Your favourite month is December, right?

Laughs and says, “Yeah, my favourite month is December.”

Any nicknames?

“People actually call me Radha sometimes. Fans and people who don’t know my real name call me that. And they wait and see if I’ll turn around. So, it’s become a habit for me to look back once whenever I hear that name (laughs). Devo calls me Bhavi. That is the only one other name. We call each other whatever we want though”.

Favorite colour?

“Pink! Don’t know why but I like things which are pink. Again paanch cheeze dikhayi dete toh (In a set of 5 things), the first one I’d pick is Pink. I could merge that with Black or Blue also. It’s not like it’s only pink. I like these light blue colors and black and white colors also. Something that’s cute – I like it. Colors mein koi acha sa dikhta hai toh (In colors, if anything is appealing to my eye), I like it.

Brown wali colors achie nahin lagte. (I don’t like Brown type of colors)”.

What’s your favourite number?

There is no specific number that I like. I never thought that this number is lucky so I want it or anything. I keep my birthday as my favourite number”.

What is the favourite thing you did as a child?

“I used to be very active in school. All the teachers used to love me. Anything that relates to going on stage and speaking. If I was the first person to do so, I used to love that. Even my Mom used to make me do all that stuff – to participate in things. As a child, apart from studying and all, I used to be very very active in school when it comes to going on stage and speaking.

And, I used to love Sketching and Painting. Abhi bhi karti hoon (Even now, I do). When I’m bored, I still paint sometimes”.

Other than Painting, do you have any hobbies or passions?

“I LOVE Shopping! I’m a total foodie and I love travelling! You can even put ‘Travelling’ above “Shopping”. Travelling is my first hobby”.

Favorite holiday spot?

“London. There are many places but this one’s my personal favourite”.

What kind of movies do you watch? A few favourites?

“I like to watch all kinds of movies. Especially, I love horror movies. So, I make sure to take Devoleena to the theatre and watch the movie. Whether she likes it or not, she comes with me (chuckles). She’s very sweet!

I love romantic movies, horror, and thrillers”.

If you went to a restaurant that served anything, what would you order? Give us a beverage and an eatable.

“When it comes to drinks, I would order Mojitos. I love Mojitos and different flavours of it. I don’t know if everyone tried but I tried almost all. Pomegranate, Green Apple, I get flavours of Mojitos when I go to restaurants. I’ve tasted, like, 8-9 types of Mojitos. I’m a coffee person also. I’m like a hardcore coffee person!

When it comes to eatables, I’m flexible with any kind of food. But I can’t eat much of spicy food. Thoda kam spicy aur kam oily chahiye (I prefer less spicy and less oily foods). When it comes to English food, I LOVE Pasta and Pizza. For these two foods, I only go to select restaurants but for Indian cuisine, I’m comfortable with anything. But only pure Veg”.

What do you love the most about yourself?

“I love all things about myself. I love that I love to travel; I’m the happiest when I’m travelling. I don’t mingle with a person immediately but once I do, I’m very flexible and yeh bahut kam logon ko pata hai (Not many people know that)”.

What’s your opinion on ‘Dieting’ leading to ‘Fitness’?

“I don’t think Dieting is necessary. For fitness, you just eat ‘proper and healthy food’. Agar ek baar, do baar khao, toh acche se khao, jo mein bhi nahin karti hoon (laughs) (If you eat once or twice a day, eat full, I don’t do this though). There’s nothing like, don’t eat this and that in the night but eat light during nights. Personally, I don’t eat rice. I stopped eating rice 5-6 months ago. It’s not compulsory that everyone’s body is the same. In the end, we have to make sure that our food is balanced throughout the day. One time eating something extra is fine; your body won’t react much to it”.

What would you like to accomplish in your future?

“I really want to be a good youtuber apart from being an actor. Now that I created a YouTube channel, I really want it to grow. I do everything myself by watching videos of other youtubers, jo saalon se kar rahe hain (who have been vlogging for years). I’m really working hard on that”.

12. What inspired you to start your YouTube channel?

“When I used to do Jaana Na Dil Se Door, I always used to have the thought- ‘Aaj kal Social media jyaada bhad gayi hai (Social media has spread do much) and you always keep seeing things. People are doing this and that on social media. And my advantage is that I’m very talkative and I don’t have camera phobia, being an actor. And also, we capture memories. I went to London and I combine my memories there and put them on YouTube so that people can also see. At least, they are connected with me. Photo Instagram main daalti hoon tho usse I can’t justify ki what fun I had (A photograph on Instagram won’t justify the actual fun I had). So, with those videos, I can be connected with people and they get to know something about what I and Helly did. So, it’s good. I also get messages from them”.

You’ve started vlogging recently and you might’ve come across good comments and bad comments. So, how is your experience so far?

“Yeah, I’ve started vlogging very recently. Just 2-3 months back. It’s good, vlogging, I mean. Fans support me and appreciate me. They are very sweet when it comes to all my social media channels. Kabhi kabhi bad comments bhi hote hai (There are bad comments too, sometimes). Not everyone will like whatever I put up. The thing is they take time to watch and comment on my video and I try my best to reply to all. If there is a bad comment, I even appreciate them ‘coz they took time to come to a channel and watch a video they didn’t like and comment on it. So, that’s ok! It’s not compulsory that everyone likes my videos. Jinko samjha sakte hai, woh samajhte hain aur jo nahin samajh sakte, woh nahin samajhte. (We can explain. Those who understand, they will and those who won’t, they won’t).

13. Any message that you’d like to give to the writers’ and readers’ community of ‘The MagZone’?

“I would like to say that be connected to me. Keep doing my interviews (chuckles). Your questions are really nice. Aisa kuch bhi nahin hai ki they were personal things (I never felt you were asking questions too personal). They were simple questions. Keep up your hard work. You guys take out time and contact us, be patient. You guys are working really hard and keep the good work going“.

Bhavini Purohit

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No matter where you stand on your career ladder, it’s important to take the first step. And work hard for it. As I talked to Bhavini, I could understand and deeply relate to her passion for working hard. Fun loving and hard working, she is a being of mixed contrasts who we all love to see on our TV screens!

The MagZone wishes the ever cheerful Bhavini Purohit success in all her endeavours. We also wish her immense good luck in her hard work towards her YouTube channel.

Let’s wish Bhavini Ji together. Drop your views and wishes in the comments below!

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