Beyond Gender

Look me in the eye while you are judging me
Tell me that you don’t respect my gender but me
Feel while you say that it is nature’s gift to me
Just stop laughing when you ask, she or he?

It is not a life that I asked for
But to live it this way is my choice,
I may weep at what I am
But I choose to accept and outvie with it.

My actions may scare you sometime
But that is what I do for a living
My gestures may make you feel pity on me
But that is how I am different from other beings

I cannot give birth to a new life
But that doesn’t mean I cannot be a mother,
I cannot wear what I want to & roam around
Because a specific gender is not my fear.

You fear to say it in front of me
You give me funny silly names
Yes I am a Transgender
But I will show the world how to transcend with it.