8 Better Career Options To Choose Instead Of Pursuing Engineering

Raaste awr bhi hain, Engineering chhodo yaaron!

Better Course Than Engineering

Shout out to all the unhappy engineers!!!

See, I knew the entire house would cheer, except for the few alien species who actually enjoy being Engineers. They are our real-life heroes, our very own Ranchhod Das Shyamal Das Chanchads!

Well, let’s address the majority. Remember how you wrote all things glittery, high, and imaginary, of course, ambitions in the slam books? Where are the pilots, and architects, and chocolate tasters, and event planners now? I will tell you. Rocking their life in the metro (not literally!). You know, those laptop bags hanging from the shoulder, the slight swaying motions owing to the metro’s vibrations, the occasional angry glances when a co-passenger passes by or presses against you, and the constantly irritating announcements that make you scream in your head, ‘I fucking know this is Rajeev Chowk. Half my life is this place!’

So much in the feels right. I know, it may be too late for a few to go back. But those who can, I am suggesting you eight best options and courses after 12th pcm.

1.Take up Humanities and Social Sciences

Yes, the most underrated life choices as per Indian Parents. And interestingly, they have ample of reasons(shitty) too.
‘Arts mein bahut struggle hai beta!’
‘History padh ke to bs teacher hi bane reh jaoge.’
‘Arey to geography le rahe to ho phir to IAS hi banana!’

And 146 other WTF reasons. I tell you one simple thing. If you like humanities, take it up. You will figure your life later because quite frankly, cursing every moment of your life later is NO FUN!

Better course than engineering

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2. Sing. Paint. Dance

Instagram and Facebook, apart from social sites, have become a platform for these unsung artists to portray their talents. I say, how about taking it beyond Instagram or Facebook and actually doing something out of your skill. Be the next Picasso the world will ever see. Create your own journey.

Better course than engineering

3. Own Start-UP

If you have been dreaming of it eyes open and closed, but are doing engineering simply for the sake of it, or as a secure option, you are ONLY wasting your precious time. Until and unless you don’t cull up the courage to pursue your heart, nobody can really help you. Not even engineering.

Better course than engineering

4. Write. And write more

You can’t help but observe people, searching for your next protagonist in them. You dream of writing at least one best seller before you die. You know you can weave magic with your words. But sadly, that magic remains unfinished in a folder on your laptop, dying a slow painful death, right in front of your eyes, because of engineering, duh! Take out time. Engineering won’t take you to places, but your stories will.

5. Travel Blogging

And while you absolutely cannot travel penniless, you can make handsome money by travelling alone. All you need is a little bit of offbeat talent in the form of a travel photographer, guide, blogger or even an adventure sports instructor. There are other options to explore too only if you got the eye for them.

Better options than engineering

6. Go for alternate streams

I know a major cause of a lot of us taking engineering is our love for science. But then, there are alternate streams that have equal potential. Take Bachelor of Science for instance. Or the relatively newer ones like Biotech, FoodTech, etc. Get the search engines running. So, go, go people.

Better options than engineering

7. Be the Architect, or the Pilot, or a lot many other things

Go fulfil that childhood dream. Fun fact, a lot of these don’t even require you to be a graduate. You can start right off after school. You can join the defence services, or be a commercial pilot, or take up culinary sciences, maybe a gourmet chef. Phew! So many choices.

Better options than engineering

8. Civil and Administrative services

Okay, hard to gulp, but parents’ frenzy with seeing their child in government services is not utterly baseless. It does have its perks along with a lot of securities, and also a chance to actually serve the people by being among them. You can for sure give the sector a try.

Better options than engineering

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These are just subtle hints. Obviously, you know the best what floats your boat. Just DON’T, DON’T take up engineering simply because every other person in your colony or class has taken it up. I don’t say it’s a total waste. It’s amazing, but only if you turn out to be an ENGINEER in the true sense of the word. Remember, your choices will define you, and your happiness. Make them wisely.

Have a great future. 🙂

Any other career option that you want to add to our better options than engineering list? Do let us know in the comment section below!