How I deal With “Beta Kuch Khaati Kyu Nahi?”

Beta Kuch Khati Kyu Nahi
Beta Kuch Khati Kyu Nahi

Beta Kuch Khaati Kyu Nahi?

Hey everyone! In the world where more than half of the people are working out to become slim, (poor) skinny people don’t even gain a pound even if they are put inside a can of butter for 1 month. Still! Beta Kuch Khaati Kyu Nahi?

Beta Kuch Khaati Kyu Nahi

Being skinny since childhood I am being tortured by my lovely neighbours, guests and relatives who are more concerned about my body than me. God has blessed me with so caring people! ?

Beta Kuch Khaati Kyu Nahi

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Oh did I mention, not only known ones but unknown people also care about me? Just have a look at it.
A random lady came to me in the shopping mall, held my hand and said loudly, ‘Hey are you sick?’” and started laughing loudly along with everyone standing there. Being an extreme introvert I just smiled and disappeared.”

Beta Kuch Khaati Kyu Nahi

Then I decided that No! I will not cry it out alone in the corner but now I will answer them. So here is what I say when they ask “Beta! kuch khati nahi ho kya?” (Don’t you eat anything?)

Beta Kuch Khaati Kyu Nahi

To my guests!

Aunty: Beta! Kaunsi class me ho?
(They know I have passed school 4 5 years back)

Me: Aunty! I am doing a job.

Aunty(after laughing for 10 minutes): Mummy khaane ko nahi deti beta?
Me: Arey aapko pata lag gaya. Mummy khaane ko hi nahi deti. Soch rahi hu aapke ghar aa jau. Haina?
(and I see my mother giving me “I will kill you” look)

Aunty(making faces as if I have asked for her both kidneys): He He He! Arey beta! Nahi nahi theek hai.

Beta Kuch Khaati Kyu Nahi

To my office’s seniors!

Sir: Ma’am! She eats all your food. Right? (Pointing towards my friend).
Aap na ek kaam karo, roz doodh me 4 badaam, 4 kishmish daal kar piya karo.
(I am always overloaded with unwanted and free “care”)

Me: Nahi sir! Aap ek kaam karo na, roz ek kaaju barfi ka dabba laaya karo mere liye.

Sir(scared as shit): Arey sahi ho aap. Hamara tond to dekho. Aapka acha hai!
Kuch bhi khao. (Because they are only up for “free” )

Beta Kuch Khaati Kyu NahiBeta Kuch Khaati Kyu Nahi

To my (not so lovely) neighbours!

Aunty: Beta! Tujh me to koi sudhar hi nahi aa raha hai. Kaise moti hogi. Teri shadi kaise hogi?

Me (pointing towards them): Aunty mote log bhi to patle hona chahte hai! Haina?”

Aunty (Aaj kal k bacche jawab dene lage hai) : haan beta!

Beta Kuch Khaati Kyu Nahi


So next time you see any skinny creature NEar you

Beta Kuch Khaati Kyu Nahi

Just Don’t! Yes I mean it. Just Don’t!

Wait! What you said?

Beta Kuch Khaati Kyu Nahi

Were you also a victim of “Beta Kuch Khaati Kyu Nahi?” Do let us know in the comment section below!