18 Best Thappad Dialogues That Left An Impact

Best thappad dialogues.
Best thappad dialogues.

Anubhav Sinha and Bhushan Kumar’s Thappad is a story waiting to be told.

Thappad is a slap on the face of those hundreds of Bollywood movies which have normalized women being victims of domestic violence.

Taapsee Pannu has brilliantly portrayed the sufferings of a woman and how she then refuses to be a victim and suffer. The story nudges us throughout to think, rethink and introspect if we have ever gone wrong in this way.

We realize how it is not just Taapsee’s husband or brother, but both the families to be blamed too. Movie Thappad shows that it is a cultural problem, not an individual one.

For a movie like this, dialogues play an imperative part to make an impact. Take a short journey to women empowerment by revisiting these Thappad dialogues.

18 Hard-hitting Thappad Dialogues You Need to Read Again:

1. “Just a Slap par maar nahi sakta.”

This dialogue has the whole crux of the movie.

Best Thappad dialogues

2. “Company me itne invested the, you could not move on. Maine toh apni puri life invest kari hai tumhari saath, kaise kar lun move on?”

Amrita’s reply to Vikram when he justifies his action is a classic. She refuses to let go of it like many other Indian women, and decides to gain back her lost respect.

Best Thappad dialogues

3. “Uss ek thappad se mujhe woh sari unfair cheeze saaf saaf dikhne lagg gayi jisko main undekha karke move on karte ja rahi thi.”

This dialogue acts as a lens cleaner for us. We learn to not ignore little acts of sexism.

4. “It’s not about them. It’s about me.”

This line by Taapsee shows how it’s time to give zero fucks to the society and take a stand for your own self.

Best Thappad dialogues

5. “Pehle paraanthe banana to seekh lo bina haath jalaye.”

When Amrita asks Vikram casually if she also learn driving, Vikram jerks off her question by saying so. As if all women are to be good cooks first.

6. “Jod ke rakhni pade koi cheez toh matlab tooti huyi hai na?”

Replying to Netra’s suggestion of putting effort to keep relationships together, Amrita expresses her views.

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7. Sunai nahi diya, par sur sahi the!

Netra is proud of the outspoken woman Amrita is becoming.

8. “Zyaada Jaroori sawaal yeh hai ki aisa hua kyun!

Amrita’s father puts light on the reason behind the slap, questioning it. He wonders what could possibly lead to such an unjustified behaviour.

9. “Thoda Bardasht karna sikhna chahiye auraton ko.

When Amrita’s mother-in-law suggests her to be “stronger” and “bear the torture”, we see it as a mirror image of each household. Girls are always taught to be ‘the bigger one’ and move on with ‘little inappropriate acts’.

10. Amu, mei kya bolunga neighbors ko, friends ko, relatives ko.. ki meri biwi mujhe chhodkar bhaag gayi?

This line brings out the truth of how Indian society functions. We don’t care about our loved ones but what ‘others’ will think.

Best Thappad dialogues

11. “Thodi bahut maar peet expression of love hi hai na Sir!

When Vikram’s friend Subodh says so, it is an attempt to reflect some immoral values that a good chunk of people hold.

12. “Rishte banana me utne efforts ni lagte, jitne nibhane me lagte hain

Dia Mirza’s thought prepares us for the relationship that we are yet to form.

13. “Kai baar sahi karne ka result happy nahi hota.

Life in a sentence.

14. “Thodi bahut maar peet expression of love hi hai na Sir!”

When Vikram’s friend Subodh says so, it is an attempt to reflect some immoral values that a good chunk of people hold.

Thappad movie dialogues

15. “All marriages are deals, Amrita.”

Netra puts another harsh truth of the society on screen.

16. “Ye gaadiyan lekar nikalti kyun hai yaar!

Vikram while driving comments and questions why females drive. Even though it seems like an ordinary dialogue to many, it brings out the extremely normalized sexism.

17. “Jo tatasth hai, samay likhega unke bhi apradh.”

This quote is by Ramdhani Singh Dinkar, a reputed poet. It roughly translates into “time will count the sins of the neutrals, those who stood by and watched.”

18. “Haan meine apne aanchal ka ambar banaya. Ke kahi agar mera rasta, chaahton se alag jo chale, ke kahi gar mere seene mein saans thodi bhi jo kam pade, mera apna bhi ek aasmaan ho.

A beautiful poem on self-discovery penned by yours truly Anubhav Sinha shows a ray of hope that stays as the movie fades away.


These dialogues from the life-changing-for-many movie provoke the victims of domestic abuse to take a stand for themselves.

For others, it also urges to stand in unity.

These Thappad dialogues will stay with us forever.

If you haven’t watched the Thappad movie yet, watch the trailer here:

If we missed your favorite dialogues from the movie Thappad, let us know in the comments below!

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