22 Best Jake and Amy Moments from Brooklyn Nine-Nine

best jake and amy moments

The comedy series Brooklyn Nine-Nine is set in a police workplace. There are many wonderful romances and friendships to be found on this show. However, Jake and Amy’s is by far the greatest to cheer for.

Jake Peralta and Amy Santiago began off as office rivals who were fiercely competitive but their relationship eventually developed into a blossoming romance. Now that they’re married, their love for each other is as strong as it’s ever been. There were numerous wonderful moments between the two detectives that quickly made them relationship goals.

For those Peraltiago shippers out there, these are the best Jake and Amy moments from Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

Best Jake and Amy Moments from the Show

1. When Jake and Amy tie the knot | Season 5 Episode 22

2. Jake and Amy are trying to conceive. Amy has a plan on how they are going to make a baby | Season 7 Episode 6

3. When Amy reveals to Jake that she is pregnant | Season 6 Episode 16

4. When Jake and Amy kissed on undercover duty | Season 2 Episode 23

5. When Jake fell hopelessly in love with Amy | Season 1 Episode 13

6. Jake and Amy’s first argument because of his mattress

7. When Jake starts reading Harry Potter because of Amy

best jake and amy moment

8. When Jake proposes to Amy on the fifth annual Halloween Heist | Season 5 Episode 4

9. When Jake and Amy kissed for the first time | Season 2 Episode 23

10. When Jake loses the Apartment bet to let Amy Win | Season 4 Episode 11-12

11. When Jake risks his life to hear Amy’s voice in Jail | Season 5 Episode 1

12. When Jake is released from Prison | Season 5 Episode 2

13. Amy dresses up As Holly Gennero from Jake’s favourite movie Die Hard | Season 6 Episode 1

14. Jake and Amy go on their first date | Season 3 Episode 1

15. Jake and Amy’s parents meet for the first time and talk about paintings. However, things get awkward

16. Jake and Amy are doing a great job as parents.

17. Jake attends his 20th High School reunion with Amy | Season 6 Episode 3

18. Jake and Amy are expecting a baby | Season 7 Episode 10

19. When babysitting Terry’s daughters turns out to be not so easy for Jake and Amy | Season 4 Episode 16

20. When Jake and Amy interview babysitters for Mac | Season 8 Episode 4

21. Jake and Amy throw the party of all parties at Cop-Con | Season 4 Episode 17

22. Jake and Amy become parents while the squad deals with a huge blackout that hits Brooklyn | Season 7 Episode 13

If there is one constant on the show, it’s Peraltiago’s adorableness. While they had their ups and downs as a pair, they are still one of the finest comedy couples out today. And they keep showing it with each passing season.

These were best Jake and Amy moments from Brooklyn Nine Nine, according to us. Let us know your favourite Jake and Amy moments in the comments below.

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