20 Best Indian Stand up Comedians Who Will Crack You Up

Best Indian stand up comedians
Best Indian stand up comedians

Stand up comedy entered India like a massive wave that’s here to stay.

The trend of performing live in front of an audience and getting immediate feedback is much loved. The millennial generation is leaving their 9-5 jobs to follow their passion for making people laugh.

Who thought joking could be a job? Now look, every other person (read: engineer) is entering the business. With platforms like Youtube and Instagram, no talent goes unnoticed.

What’s even worth mentioning is that India hosts reality shows for stand up comedy like Comicstaan and Queens of Comedy apart from the regular TV shows like Comedy Nights with Kapil and Comedy Circus. Netflix and Prime specials are the right kinds of incentives.

We sure have a bunch of the best Indian stand-up comics here.

20 Best Indian Stand Up Comedians To Watch:

1. Zakir Khan

With 5.35 million subscribers on YouTube, Zakir is a name that needs no introduction. He is a poet, stand-up comedian and India’s ‘sakht launda’. A slow storyteller, he likes his jokes to take time with the audience- sit, absorb, digest and laugh.

His phrases like ‘bhai tumhara warrior hai’ and ‘badal zaruri hai’ make the rounds on the internet, also providing high-quality meme content. He has a couple of Amazon Prime shows to his name- Haq Se Single and Kaksha Gyarvi. His stories are raw and relatable for people from middle-class families.

2. Vir Das

A comedian, actor, and musician, Vir Das has now also entered the international arena with his Netflix specials. He has acted in Bollywood movies before and now his stand-up specials have garnered much love from audience in India and abroad.

He is one of the very few Indian stand-up comics on Netflix. Through the medium of comedy, he addresses topics like racism, patriarchy, bigotry, and other political situations.

3. Kanan Gill

If you are wondering, “Is this the cute comedian?” then yes, ladies and gentlemen, he is! He now has a stand-up special both on Amazon Prime and Netflix.

He has the potential of making overdone topics like relationships and families in the Indian comedy circuit sound fresh. His act ensures certain consistency in the laughs that keep coming.

4. Aditi Mittal

Savage since her first stand-up and pumped with confidence, Aditi has achieved wonders. Aditi Mittal takes a stand on social issues concerning India and women.

She has performed not only in India but at international shows and nothing makes us more proud!

5. Abhish Mathew

The host of ‘Son of Abish‘, Abish Mathew is a hit in the circle of Indian comedians. His jokes are either found to be really lame by some while others really enjoy his show.

He recently started another show- Journey of a Joke. He is close to 1M subscribers on his Youtube channel so go and show him some love!

6. Biswa Kalyan Rath

The stand up comic with an accent you can’t match is stealing hearts pan-India. Biswa has a stand up special on Amazon Prime and created a show Laakhon Mei Ek for Prime.

His mimicry skills are on point!

7. Sorabh Pant

An extremely popular Indian comedian in the country and outside, SorabhPant has performed almost 300 shows up to date.

e founded The East India Company which later recruited other comedians like Sapan Verma, Sahil Shah, Atul Khatri, and Angad Singh Ranyal.

8. Abhishek Upmanyu

With more than 2.5 million subscribers on his YouTube channel and a very active Instagram profile, Abhishek Upmanyu is one of the best Indian stand up comedians.

He is a prototype of an engineer turned comedian.

9. Kenny Sebastian

The comedian with an accent and guitar, Kenny Sebastian is one of the (with emphasis) most popular comedians in India with almost 2 million Youtube subscribers.

He is finally coming on Netflix for a comedy special and boy, it is going to be great.

10. Kaneez Surka

An improv, stand-up and sketch comedian, Kaneez Surka has been a part of the Indian comic scene for over 10 years now.

She cracks witty jokes and improv is her first love. She has a few Prime specials in her body of work.

11. Sapan Verma

Been in Mumbai for 15 years, Sapan Verma is a co-founder of East India Comedy.

He is an exceptionally good comedian.

12. Rahul Subramanian

With the Amazon Prime comedy special ‘Kal Mei Udega’ to his credit, Rahul has been killing it in the comic circuit.

He places his joke so cutely that even when he curses, it doesn’t feel like a swear.

13. Ashish Shakya

He is the creator of ‘Life is Good’ stand up special on Prime and a Youtuber.

One of the most reputed writers in the circuit, Ashish has worked with AIB and is a comic columnist with Hindustan Times.

14. Aakash Gupta

He’s a comedian who looks like an innocent child but tries his best to be bad at it.

He has almost a million subscribers on YouTube.

15. Anubhav Singh Bassi

Bassi makes you burst into a riotous laughter when you are least expecting it. By the end of his acts you are holding up your tears and your tummy because he is too funny.

His stand-up comedy on ‘Waxing’ is our personal favorite and demands for a watch.

16. Angad Singh Ranyal

Made famous by his acts on EIC, Angad Singh tells you the simplest of jokes and stories to crack you up.

17. Jeeya Sethi

Jeeya looks like a young comedian straight out of college but you can never guess her age until she tells you. Binge watch her videos and get cracking on good humor.

18. Ramya Ramapriya

A Comicstaan contestant with fresh content leaves you with rib-tickling humor in her acts.

19. Supriya Joshi

Supriya has been on TLC’s Queens vs Kings and Amazon Prime’s Comicstaan 2.

She is subtle and boisterous with her jokes in the same minute.

20. Sumukhi Suresh

This chubby comedian serves you humor in the best way possible. Sumukhi Suresh is extremely hilarious, giving you only a millisecond to breathe between her jokes.

She is also a great actor and you can watch her series Pushpavalli on Amazon Prime Video.

I hope you have a blast with these Indian comedians on your screen.

If we missed out on your favorite Indian stand up comedians, let us know in the comments below.

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