21 Best Indian Bands In 2020

Best Indian Bands
Best Indian Bands

If you are done with cringe-worthy Bollywood music, welcome to the gang buddy! There is so much more to music than just Bollywood Hindi songs which hold not even meaning. We all need a level-up in our music taste and we have to admit it! It’s time to listen to some quintessentially magical tunes by Indian bands that have been overly underrated in our system. It’s time to lend them an ear and let them indulge us in good music, forever.

Best Indian bands and good music that you need to tune right into:

1. Parikrama

This Delhi-based band has been given India some really good rock and roll music since 1991. They get their name from the Sanskrit word which means ‘orbital revolutions’. They have been one of the best and most popular Indian bands today.

2. Peter Cat Recording Co.

A band that has been around since 2009 consists of 5 members has been giving us music in a genre unique to them. They have a great fan-following and their most recent album Bismillah has created a mark in the indie circuit.

3. Agnee

This Pune based band has given Indian mainstream music audience a great song Yaariyan from Cocktail. They were founded in 2007 and were soon signed by Sony BMG. Their creations have a mix of classical rock with Hindustani classical and Carnatic music.

4. Peepal Tree

A Bengaluru based band, Peepal Tree was found in 2014. Their debut 10 track album Chetna put them on the global map. They break language barriers by singing multilingual songs (Kannada, Tamil, English and Hindi.) Known to go out of their comfort zone, Peepal Tree likes to bring diversity on the table.

5. Indian Ocean

Acknowledged for being pioneers in fusion rock genre in India, Indian Ocean has received much love over these 30 odd years. If the name isn’t enough to ring a bell, you must know them from the song Bandeh of Black Friday.

6. Soulmate

A blues rock band from Shillong, Meghalaya, Soulmate gives you the chills. Primarily, the members are Rudy and Tipriti but when on tour, they collaborate with musicians.

7. Ankur Tewari and The Ghalat Family

Ankur in his homely voice, accompanied by the boys makes digestible pop-rock for his listeners. The songs have meaningful lyrics and will never leave the listener disappointed. Their first album was released in 2010 and their fans can’t have enough of them, even today. Beautifully packaged Hindi songs like theirs need to reach more ears!

8. Raghu Dixit Project

“The Raghu Dixit Project has a modern, global sound and that is rooted and true to India’s rich cultural heritage.” Their happy songs have been performed at 1500+ concerts in over 30 countries and boy, they love him. This is one of the biggest Indian Indie projects.

9. Easy Wanderlings

A soul-pop band based out of Pune, Easy Wanderlings gives us music for a cute evening full of calm. They were awarded the Chill Song of the Year at the VIMA Music Awards 2019. Listen to their art for easy mind space.

10. Papon and the East India Company

Bollywood famous Papon has taken his band to tour the lengths and breadths of the country. A folk-fusion band, The East India Co. has had the chance of stealing hearts at the Dubai World Music Festival.

11. When Chai Met Toast

Just as romantic as their name, the band has given us some great music we can’t stop romanticizing. They are based out of Kerala, pioneering folk-pop music. The next morning when you have a cup of chai with toast, remember them with their sun-packed musical melodies.

12. Scribe

This six member family has been getting the right kind of audience for the big concerts and music festivals. Their albums gain inspiration from Bollywood, example ‘Hail Mogambo’ and ‘Mark of Teja’. This hardcore/metal band is based in Mumbai.

13. Swarthma

Bengaluru based folk/fusion band has its origin in Mysore back in 2002. They draw from both classical Indian and western sounds to make magical music. Some lyrics of the songs are based on their personal journeys while others draw from contemporary social and political themes.

14. All The Fat Children

This alt-rock band from Bangalore again was formed in 2008. They produce singles and have featured on MTV Indies and Vh1. Listen to ATFC and level up your music game.

15. Tetseo Sisters

Apart from their music what’s also special about this Indian band is that it’s a group of 4 siblings from Nagaland. Their rustic voices bring out the music of the soil of Northeast India.

16. Mother Jane

An Indian rock band from Kochi, Motherjane was found in 1996. They were named “Best International Rock Act” at AVIMA 2009 at Malaysia, the largest independent awards. They have been regarded for most releasing influential albums in the past.

17. Ganesh Talkies

Born in Calcutta in 2011, this four-piece band has been doing gigs all over the country. They started out with their interest in mainstream Bollywood music and adding indie touches to it. It’s one of the few Indian bands that doesn’t hate mainstream Bollywood music and that’s why they’re special.

18. Coshish

A Hindi progress rock band from Mumbai, Coshish launched their first album in 2013- ‘Firdous’ which was released by Universal Music India. This four-member Indian band has been really popular for a while.

19. Cinema of Excess

Anirudh, Bharat and Abheet make the acoustic trio that wins your soul each time their music plays. Their art comes from a fusion of western, Indian classical and indie sounds. In their words, they are here to ‘brink back the sounds!’

20. The Local Train

One of the most famous Hindi rock bands of today, The Local Train is Delhi based. They are the hot-shots now for cultural fests all over India. With their lyrics reeking of raw truth packaged in a blend of Urdu and Hindi, they make it easy music for the Indian audience.

21. Kabir Cafe

Neeraj Arya has pioneered the genre of Kabir Rock. The band means Kabir’s (the saint) verses to reach the youth and have an impact. For this, they chose the path of contemporary music. Meaningful lyrics wrapped in a shiny paper of soothing sounds have always made for a must-listen-to album on a breezy afternoon.

The above-mentioned Indian bands are just a few of many. There is so much talent and potential in this country which has a rich history of music. We need to step out of the low-grade constructs of Bollywood music and venture out into more organic sources like Indian bands as these.

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