45 Best Chuck And Blair Moments From Gossip Girl

Best Chuck and Blair moments
Best Chuck and Blair moments

“The Upper East Side…Teenagers acting like adults, adults acting like teenagers, guarding secrets, spreading gossip, all with the trappings of truly opulent wealth.”

Season 6, Final Episode, Gossip Girl

That’s how Dan Humphrey, aka. Lonely Boy, aka. (spoiler alert!) Gossip Girl, explains his origin story.

However, amid the plotting and the scheming and the all-over-the-place storyline, Gossip Girl did give us the Upper East Side’s most powerful couple, Blair Waldorf and Chuck Bass.

Yes, Chuck and Blair were without a doubt, messy, problematic, and definitely one of the most toxic couples to exist in television history. But what’s also true, is that Blair and Chuck had undeniably amazing chemistry.

Their intensity together, the drama, it all made for great television. Besides, no one really watches Gossip Girl for its lessons on morality.

Chuck and Blair were magnetic, it’s as simple as that. They said it themselves, their world wouldn’t be the same without each other in it; they belonged together, mind, body, and scheme!

We have compiled some of the best moments of Chuck and Blair from Gossip Girl.

The Best Chuck And Blair Moments from Gossip Girl:

1. When Blair told Chuck that it wouldn’t be her world without Chuck in it | Season 4 Episode 2

2. When Chuck got to see the real Blair | Season 1 Episode 7

3. Their first time at the back of Chuck’s limo | Season 1 Episode 7

4. When Chuck had butterflies because Blair | Season 1 Episode 8

5. When Chuck gifted Blair the Erickson Beamon necklace | Season 1 Episode 8

6. Them reuniting for what they do best: a takedown | Season 1 Episode 17

7. When Chuck and Blair fell asleep after spending the whole night plotting together | Season 1 Episode 18

8. When Blair realized that Chuck Bass is a romantic | Season 1 Episode 18

9. The first time Blair asked Chuck to say those 3 words, 8 letters | Season 2 Episode 1

10. Chuck and Blair making out in the dark | Season 2 Episode 3

11. When Chuck raises the stakes between them | Season 2 Episode 7

12. Because the back of the the limo is sacred | Season 2 Episode 9

13. When Blair promised she would stand by him through anything | Season 2 Episode 13

14. When Chuck came back to Blair | Season 2 Episode 13

15. When Blair saved Chuck from killing himself | Season 2 Episode 14

Best Chuck and Blair moments
Best Chuck and Blair moments

16. Chuck and Blair being high-maintenance, together | Season 2 Episode 22

17. When Chuck let Blair go because he couldn’t make her happy | Season 2 Episode 23

18. When Chuck voted for Blair 150 times and did everything so she’d have the perfect night | Season 2 Episode 24

19. When Blair told Chuck she loves him so much it consumes her | Season 2 Episode 25

20. When Chuck finally told Blair those 3 words, 8 letters | Season 2 Episode 25

21. He isn’t Chuck Bass without Blair | Season 3 Episode 1

22. Chuck and Blair being all snuggly and domestic | Season 3 Episode 2

23. Because Blair believes in Chuck | Season 3 Episode 3

24. Because he is Chuck Bass and he loves her | Season 3 Episode 4

25. When Chuck paid that photographer so Blair would believe in herself again | Season 3 Episode 4

26. Blair telling Chuck that he carries people. He carries her | Season 3 Episode 12

27. Blair will always be Chuck’s family | Season 3 Episode 13

28. When the worst thing Chuck ever did was to Blair | Season 3 Episode 17

29. Their Empire State Building Moment between Chuck and Blair | Season 3 Episode 21

30. Chuck and Blair’s count is a million against the world’s zero | Season 4 Episode 8

31. Chuck and Blair were ready to go up in flames together | Season 4 Episode 9

32. Believing that if two people are meant to be together, eventually they’ll find their way back | Season 4 Episode 9

33. Chuck and Blair being so in love and happy together | Season 4 Episode 22

34. The time Chuck told Blair she was the most powerful woman he knew | Season 4 Episode 22

35. When Chuck finally feels the pain he was suppressing after Blair gives him her pregnancy news | Season 5 Episode 3

36. The time Chuck apologized to Blair for everything | Season 5 Episode 6

37. When Chuck promised Blair he would love her baby as much as he loves her | Season 5 Episode 10

38. Because Blair falls in love with Chuck more and more, everyday | Season 5 Episode 13

39. When Blair was all in, ready to fight for Chuck | Season 5 Episode 24

40. Chuck would give up everything for Blair | Season 6 Episode 1

41. She’s all his – mind, body, and scheme | Season 6 Episode 3

42. The way Chuck and Blair always go to war together | Season 6 Episode 8

43. When Chuck finally proposes to Blair with the ring | Season 6 Episode 10

44. Their sweet, dramatic Upper East Side wedding | Season 6 Episode 10

45. Chuck and Blair’s complete family | Season 6 Episode 10

Chuck and Blair were always strong, enigmatic individuals in their own right.

But together, the two of them were truly invincible. Ruling over the Upper East Side, they were the most magnetic power couple.

Which ones do you consider to be the best moments of Chuck and Blair? Let us know, down in the comments!

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