9 Best Canonical Harry Potter Fanfiction Plots To Read This Summer!

Harry, a dark lord?

Lately, I’ve picked up my old habit of reading fan-fictions. Why now? ‘Coz I’m done with my exams and needed a refreshment. What better than stories, eh? So, I was going through the Harry Potter fandom (excluding ‘The cursed child’) and realized once again that there are too many plot-lines to choose from.

There are sites like fanfiction.com, AO3 (Archive of our own), harrypotterfanfiction.com, hpfanficarchive.com, and many more; all of which contain more or less thousands of stories on repetitive plot-lines. Still, they are interesting to read because a story is based on an author’s perspective of seeing things and their writing style.As a fan of Harry Potter series, I wanted to make a list of Canonical Plots (A possible alternative outcome of a loose thread in the Original story written by the Author.) I found on fan-fiction sites.

And, here it is, fellow Potterheads and non-Potterheads!

1. Harry cheats/abandons Ginny for Draco Malfoy

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There are many fan-girls out there who squeal with joy at the Drarry pair. Those who didn’t read Harry Potter books but watched movies would certainly feel that the chemistry between Harry and Ginny is lackluster. Heck, though I read the books, I feel that there’s something lacking in Harry and Ginny’s relationship (though I won’t complain). Hence came this plot-line. When Harry was in his sixth year, he was always found tailing the suspicious Draco Malfoy. He even followed Malfoy’s whereabouts through the Marauder’s map! In short, Harry obsessed over Draco. And, he realizes this after 15 years; at a stage where he’s married to Ginny and has a few kids of his own.

Some of us might not agree with “Homosexual” plot-lines. But, Drarry is the best canonical plotline the Harry Potter fandom has. So it’s not very surprising to find this plot-line on the list of bests.

2. Dark Harry Potter fan-fiction

The Harry we read about or saw on the screen was good. He was portrayed as the good guy with silly flaws so that fans like us (especially girls) fan over him. Then there is an anti-hero. These Dark Harry plots are catchy because the Harry here isn’t the one we know. He’s an alien, to be short. After defeating Voldemort, Harry, the only living Horcrux of Voldemort, starts to experience Darkness. A darkness so black that he couldn’t save his old self. No matter how hard he tried to reign in the leftover tendrils of dark power, in the end, he was taken over. He was defeated. He succumbs to this dark power and rules over the Magical world. Everyone fears his mere existence.

This plot-line is truly canonical because J.K.Rowling has totally skipped the one question -“What happens immediately after the war? How does our hero cope up?

3. Harry gets admitted to a mental ward for wizards

This story follows number 2 listed here. There are 2 possible scenarios here.

1. Harry experiences PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) because of the war. The war renders the-boy-who-lived-thrice broken. There’s no one to help him. He couldn’t and wouldn’t reach out to his friends for help because he wanted them to have a “normal love life”. Staying alone, his mental faculties breakdown and by the time his friends come to help him, Harry is long gone.

2. Harry turns dark after the war and starts to torture the masses. It wasn’t his fault though. It was because Voldemort’s power latched on to the last remaining Horcrux before the Dark Lord’s death. Now, Harry is somehow cured of it but he doesn’t come out unscathed. He’s mentally broken.

Again, counted one of the canonical plots, this plot-line was like an answer to the question – “What happened to Harry after the war?

4. Stories with Hermione’s little sister

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I still remember J.K.Rowling once saying that she wanted Hermione to have a younger sister. But the way she wrote her plot wouldn’t allow any adjustment to squeeze in another character. Based on this, many fan-fictions came out that revolved around “Hermione’s sister”.

I found some fictions wherein our dear Harry marries Hermione’s little sister instead of Ginny Weasley.

5. Harry as a Slytherin

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In the first book/movie, the Sorting hat clearly says to Harry that he’s more suited for Slytherin and not any other house. This plot revolves around those lines. What if Harry didn’t say no to the Sorting Hat? How would his life turn out then? Will he still find friends who will help him defeat the Dark Lord? Or, would Harry give in to the Dark Lord’s power under the influence of the darkest house, Slytherin?

This plot also answers another possible question – “What if Harry took Draco’s hand of friendship? How would the story turn out then?”

6. Malfoys in Azkaban

Seriously, the Malfoys were forgiven? Draco and Narcissa, we can understand that they were forced. But, Lucius? He CHOSE Voldemort of his own accord. Just because he abandoned Voldemort’s cause during the war, he was forgiven. Harry Potter fans can understand that ‘Forgiveness is a virtue’ but it would’ve been lots better to see the Malfoys suffer, even if it were just a little. Hence came fics wherein Lucius would be sent to Azkaban for a period of 5-10 years. There are even fics which are extremely dark. In those stories, all 3 Malfoys are sent to the Azkaban and are tortured beyond repair. A few fics feature Lucius receiving the Dementor’s Kiss.

Bad people should be punished, shouldn’t they? Especially Lucius! Draco is innocent though (*smirks).

7. Eighth-year at Hogwarts fan-fictions!

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The war happened right in the middle of their academic year. While they were ‘studying’. J.K.Rowling skipped to the aftermath – 19 years later. Still, some fans, who were dissatisfied with our characters’ discontinued studies, bring half of them (mostly students who aren’t Slytherins) back to Hogwarts.These fics mostly are feel-good fics where there is House unity and everyone forgive each other for their parents’ mistakes. Though there are fics where other Houses abuse the only Slytherin, Draco; they are very less in number.

8. Hermione is not a Gryffindor but a Ravenclaw

It was very clearly mentioned that Ravenclaws are known for their thirst for books and knowledge. On those lines, Hermione, the know-it-all, should have been placed in Ravenclaw. For that matter, Luna Lovegood isn’t supposed to be a Ravenclaw. These aren’t loopholes. It was already mentioned that Hermione and Neville had “Hat-stalls”. The Sorting Hat had to choose a House for them and it took more than 4 minutes. Apparently, their hidden courage over-weighed their knowledge (Hermione) and meekness (Neville).

I don’t particularly like fics where there is a change in Houses. Still, this is canonical as per the requirements of Hogwarts houses.

9. Dudley Dursley is a Wizard!

Whoa! Unbelievable, right? No, it isn’t. Certainly, if Lily Evans turned out to be a witch, there was a minute chance that her sister’s son, Dudley, might’ve turned out to be a wizard. Though there isn’t such luck for him in the original books, he was made into a wizard, thanks to the fanatics online.

These fics, purely canon, feature Dudley as a Slytherin. In rare cases, he’s one of the other Houses. Well, though very less in number, these fics are quite endearing to read because apart from Goyle and Vincent, we’ll have another person stuffing his cheeks!

There might be other canon plots too but this is as far as I remember reading on the fan-fiction site. Also, they aren’t just standalone. Some fictions are a combination of the plot-lines listed above. Happy Reading! There are too many non-canonical fan-fictions out there too! Let’s discuss them in the next blog.

If you know any other canonical plot-lines, do mention them in the comments below! Tag the Potter-heads you know!


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