10 Reasons To Have An Engineer As Your Lover

benefits of dating an engineer

Are you an Engineer? I sure as hell am. If you are one, straighten your back and paste a smug grin on your face. And if you aren’t, welcome to the world of Engineers. Let me tell you the benefits of dating an engineer. There are many words flying around about an Engineer. How he’s/she’s ‘studious’ if he’s/she’s enrolled in IIT and how he/she isn’t if it’s just a local college.

That’s just a load of crap. The name or the fame of an Engineering institution doesn’t matter when it comes to discussing the life of an Engineer. Because wherever he/she is, his/her focus is on ‘enjoying life to the fullest‘. An Engineer is a carefree person, yet at the same time, the most responsible person. Without them, there wouldn’t be cities for us to live in today. Nor there would be vehicles for us to drive or a mobile phone to chit-chat.

Owing to this, here are a few benefits of dating an Engineer and why an Engineer passes for the post of “The best Lover”.

1. I have so much time for you, my baby

benefits of dating an engineer

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Literally, an Engineer does have lots of time on his hands during their period of study. It’s not mandatory to sit in class and take notes like we used to do in School and +2. And when in love, your partner craves for “Time from you and time with you“. Engineers have plenty. Do have a taste of their time!

2. I can be with you – All night long

No pun intended, fellas! (*smirks*)

reasons to marry an engineer

Among the enormous benefits of dating an engineer, this comes first. Exams students pull all-nighters. Even when there isn’t any exam the next day, Engineers still stay awake. They have that ability to fill their sleep time with unnecessary stuff and this practice is going to be so positive while dating an engineer. Lovers just want to be together 24×7. An Engineer will happily go all night sleepless for you!

3. You ask ‘why’ and I’ll give you a hundred reasons ‘why’

pros and cons of dating an engineer

Let’s just say, you fought with your partner. It was just a minor disagreement. If your partner were an Engineer, you’d know how convincing his/her reasons will be during your reconciliation period. There is no space for silence between you both. Engineers are practically self-trained when it comes to convincing people. And, mark my words, this is a good trait. They will never let go of you just ‘coz of a fight. They’ll come back for you and fight for you by stating pretty convincing reasons.

4. I’ll teach you, even a minute can be beautiful

benefits of dating an enginneer

Engineers are used to finishing tasks in the eleventh hour. The last minute. That crucial one minute which overwrites their life. These kinds of situations give an Engineer the confidence to do everything right – no matter the minute. Yes, they’ll be late for dates and they might not bring you your popcorn in the right hour. Give them a minute and they’ll show you how beautiful and heart-warming it is in their presence.

5. Let me play a song for you. Maybe, I could write one for you

benefits of dating an engineer

With loads of free time on their hands, Engineers try their hand at learning other things. Especially, they work on their hidden hobbies and passions. An Engineer may secretly be a writer whose words have the capability of etching themselves on the readers’ hearts. Or, he may be a prodigy in playing any musical instrument. You’ll love to see him/her include you in their passions. After all, who wouldn’t want to be the passion their lover practices?

6. Apart from your name, you’ll have a thousand more

you know you're dating a nerd when

I have to be really honest here and say that Engineers are the best at giving names. If you listen to an Engineer reminisce about his college, you’ll hear him/her referring to their lecturers with different names. Code names. We named one of our professors – “Bahubali” in my college, you know? If you date an Engineer, you’ll have a plethora of pet names for you and believe me, you’ll love it. ‘Coz each name would be a different adventure to face.

7. No chick-flick moments. Let’s just be logical

benefits of dating an engineer

They sure are sentimental but they aren’t over sentimental. They always are practical and logical when it comes to decision-making. These are traits they develop and furnish while being an Engineer. Their career asks for them to interpret things with the mind. This requires a lot of thought process. When you’re stuck with a problem in your life, an Engineer can take you through a logical maze and resolve your issues without any melodrama.

8. Don’t need an expert when I got a set of instructions

dating an engineer pros and cons

Engineers, if not all, are nerds. And, they are very good at interpreting things. They can break a complex item open and can fix it in a snap. All they need is a “How-to-do” book of instructions. You won’t even need an expert to fix your broken household items. Just grab yourself an Engineer!

9. Technological advancements? Here you go, darling!

benefits of dating an engineer
This is how you do it, baby. Come on, now, you try!

At one point in our lives, we reach a stage where we have to deal with technology which we are unfamiliar with. You go out on a trip with your lover into a place filled with lots of technical stuff you don’t have the faintest idea about. If your lover is an Engineer, you’ll find him/her ‘talking’ to technology. Your doubts will have no room in their presence.

10. I may have a plan for my future. It wants you in it.

Clarity about your own life is essential.

dating an engineer boyfriend

Engineers are ambitious. They always strive to do more. Also, they plan every step in their future just like they devise plans for a job. If your lover is an Engineer, the day he/she fell hard for you, you’ll be in their future plans. And, the plans they make will offer you more than just a bed of roses.

Is your lover an Engineer, you surely know the benefits of dating an engineer then. Tag your lover and friends who are Engineers in the comments below! Let them know that they are the best when in love!

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