Basic Things You Should Keep In Mind To Protect Yourself From Viral Fever!

Changing season’s only constant bent is the viral fever. It is stubborn and repudiates to leave. If you are Uday Chopra of immunity power, you are trolls (changed season) first target. This will not stay on your page, with one sneeze every page will be affected. Okay, let me make it simple. When you are affected by viral fever, it will easily spread to every person at home and will stay minimum of 7 days. Aha! It will not leave you soon. Later it will stay with you as a cough and cold. It is hard to end the relationship with this. So why get into one?

Understanding Viral Fever

Viral fever causes symptoms protection

Cause of Viral Fever:

  1. A direct or indirect touch of an infected person.
  2. A cough, Sneeze, Yawn and TALKING can infect you.

P.s: Talking can spray tiny particles of bacteria and virus out of the body. So even, it can cause viral fever.

Symptoms of Viral Fever

  1. Fever at regular intervals
  2. Vomiting
  3. A headache
  4. Body pain
  5. A sore throat and Phlegm
  6. Cold
  7. Rashes

Viral fever causes symptoms protection

Follow these 7 steps to protect yourself from Viral Fever

1. Medication/Vaccination

We trust medication given by the uncle at Medical Shop, but please do not do it this time. It is very important to kill the infection at the root. Apart from Paracetamol, Dolo and Combiflam, it is important to treat any chances of secondary infection. The doctor will prescribe some antibiotics and complete the course.

Viral fever causes symptoms protection

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If you are living with an individual who is infected by viral fever, make sure to take the vaccination. Prevention is better than cure. To all those who believe that they will never be infected, be rational and do not feed on immunity’s ego. It will leave your side at one sneeze. *experience*

Viral fever causes symptoms protection

2. Keep calm and be warm

Moderate temperature might become a reason for Viral brooding inside the body. Warm food stabilizes your body temperature, calms chills down. Include Soup and khichdi, which keeps you warm and promotes easy digestion.

Viral fever causes symptoms protection

3. Boiled water

High fever lands in you dehydration. It is important to keep yourself hydrated. Even if you have Auro at home, prefer boiled water. Alongside water, take abundant liquids like ORS, Coconut water, fruit juices and lemon water with salt.

Viral fever causes symptoms protection

4. Sharing is not caring

If you want to avoid viral fever, make sure not to share utilities of an infected person. Sharing food, utensils and even used clothes at the hour of fever can transfer infection to a healthy person.

5. Cover yourself

To avoid bacteria spreading through air i.e., through sneeze and cough, cover your mouth and nose. If you are an uninfected person but have to be around a patient, protect yourself with a mask and gloves.

6. Hygiene

Maintaining hygiene is important to protect yourself from Viral and also for recovery if you already have a fever. If not bath, always take a warm sponge bath. Wear washed clothes and laundry should be stored in another room. Wash utensils with warm water. If possible, boil most used. After returning from the hospital, wash your hands, feet and change into fresh clothes.

Viral fever causes symptoms protection

7. Stay away

This is the time you should avoid attending dream concert and exhibitions. Neither be a source of infection to other nor a blotting paper for more complications. It is better to take a break and be comfortable in own space.

Viral fever causes symptoms protection

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This changing season, keep yourself healthy and away from bacteria. Happy Health!