Are You A Friend Material? 5 Ways To Find Out!

It’s very difficult to find true friends in the current world. Are you a ‘friend material’ for people to bond with you?

Most of the times the people that we tend to think to be our forever friends often end up becoming strangers or maybe ‘so-called old friends’.

Here are the five ways by which you can assess yourself whether you fall into the category or not.

1. Is your sarcasm a little too harsh?

Well, people don’t always enjoy your jokes or sarcasm the same way you mean it. If you are a person who cracks jokes about everybody and everything, beware: your friendship might be jeopardized sometimes. But being funny is also important.

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2. Are you a good listener?

If your face is the first thing that comes to someone’s mind when they need any help or when they need to share their sorrows, then you are ready to go, my friend. You are a pretty well listener. Maybe it’s your words that have comforted them or your way of reaching out to them.

3. Do you gossip?

If you have this habit, you may not make a good friend. Nobody likes someone who goes around gossiping about everything. Try not to speak about the things that do not have clear authenticity and not to talk behind others’ back.

4. Do you lie often?

Honesty is the primary element essential for any healthy relationship. Lying can easily break the trust among people and is difficult to glue it back. You don’t have to be an open book; show your true feelings to others rather than hiding your emotions. That doesn’t mean that you can show your anger at them for your own reasons.

5. Are you a perfectionist?

People are very vivid with their behaviour, thought processes, aptitude and so on. Learn to accept them the way they are and don’t change them to align with your ideas and likings. On the contrary, perfection is needed but a good friend needs to find the beauty of others’ flaws.

Also, acknowledge their feelings so that you can create a strong bond and a forever friendship.

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So are you a friend material? Do let us know in the comments below!