7 Things Done By New Couples Which Are Annoying And Irritating

At every step, we meet a new couple. A love story buds and blooms every second. Few grow in personal gardens and other in public. We breathe a little and sneeze a lot. Have you seen those madly in love couples who fail to notice people around, drowning themselves in lovey-dovey stuff? Yeah! Me too! Have you noticed people around them going Awww! Me too!

We bring you the things every new couple and people around them consciously and unconsciously do which irritates you and us too! Go ahead. Scroll down to read typical whammies.

1. Matching boxes. Oh no! dresses

If you are not dumb like me, you would have definitely noticed couple matching their clothes. Why do they do that? You better don’t ask them, they will pass those glares which you would not be happy receiving. Main Hoon Na! I will tell you. They wear matching clothes to show how cute and coordinated they are. They want to present themselves as a happy couple. We know you both are happy, but stop giving us colour blindness.

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2. The ‘Fevicol’ bond

Fevicol brand failed to notice this otherwise they can cash on this. Why do couples stick with each other? ‘Coz of Fevicol. Waah! Hope that’s true, otherwise, how do they justify their cheesy gesture. We know you are in love; but because of the live cheese, our digestive system stopped accepting tasty cheese.

3. Confidentially documented personal messages

Oh yeah! How can we forget this? You might have experienced this or have seen this. Those confidential secrete messages with cheeky smiles. Pre-arranged surprise meetings or crazy phone calls to announce that they are in a relationship. By the way, only they can say this news to “important” people. No other person can dare do that otherwise he or she is dead.

4. Public Display of Infection, Oops! Affection

Uff! Those hands holding each other and heads falling on shoulders. Even though, they should understand their affection is very infecting. We believe that you are together. What should we do now? Stamp it on a paper? We don’t need proof that you are together.

5. Hills of Bills

Whether anyone is benefited from this or not, cellular networks are making their profits. Never ending calls and messages. Our roommate, sister or cousin is in love, and we get sleepless nights with their constant chatters. Argh, Nightmares!

6. Narrators and Awww’ers

Here comes the part. Not even a writer of the movie will narrate the story with such conviction, twists, dialogues and drama. They can write one whole book in few minutes and here come their friends. They find references in the movies and go ‘Awww’ at every scene. Give a break!

7. Chinese whispers

Their love story just spread like Chinese whispers from one to another in friends group. For a few days, their friends did not have any topic to discuss. ‘They went there’, ‘they sat like that’ and ‘they were in so much love’. Enough! If you are an outsider in the common group that is the only word that runs in your mind. At the end when the story narrators hear the whispers, they themselves cannot identify it.

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Have you been through this sweet torture like us? Share your experiences with us in the comments below. We would love to read your annoying encounters.