Android ‘Oreo’ Is Here. And You’ll Love It!


Android Oreo is Coming Soon!

Since they have put their foot in the world of technology, android has tradition of rolling out their versions with the names of sweets except of course their initial testing launches which were named as Alpha and Beta androids respectively.

After the immense success of Lollipop followed by Marshmallow and Nougat, google rolled up its android preview of android ‘O’ a week ago, for its nexus and pixel devices and opened up a new debate on social media with people guessing the names of the latest sweet Google will be advertising this time.

android oreo

As Hindustan Times Quotes:

Expectedly, there is much speculation about what O could stand for. While TechCrunch hopes it will be called Oreo, CNET suggested everything from Orange to Onion Powder. One Twitter user thought it could be called Omelette.”

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There are immense possibilities of the names by which Android O could be known to us, but it seems like there are some real shortages of sweets and desserts starting with the letter O and this could end up giving Android 8.0 a totally unexpected name from Google’s side.

If we leave aside the name of Android O, It has several new introducing features in its preview version which are a must to go for. From Picture in Picture to multi display support, it would be interesting to see how pixel performs with the latest android release and competes with it counter part and giant in the mobile technology ‘Apple’

To Know the real name of Android O, We’ll have to wait until late summers.
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