An Interview With Ananya Sharma, The Actress Of Short Film ‘Lift’, Directed By Ida Ali

Ananya Sharma Lift
Ananya Sharma

The mysterious Tanya (Ananya Sharma) from Ida Ali’s short film stole hearts of many. You might have searched her on the web to know more about the talented woman in ‘Lift’ and must have ended up nowhere. We unravelled the mystery of a budding superstar, who made us her fan through her acting.

The MagZone is glad to bring you the story of cheerful and entertaining Ananya Sharma who aspires to be the world’s best actor.

Excerpts from the interview:

1. ‘Lift’ is an interesting short film. What aspired you to take this role?

Ananya Sharma tells us, “The story was pretty apt for a short film. The role was nice as well. Ida knew exactly what she wanted and I was already in love with window seat productions content. I had no doubt in my mind when I heard about this project. Everything fit very well.”

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2. What was your frame of thoughts when you bagged the role?

She expresses sounding delightful, “Excited! I was super excited. I am always excited to act. I got it via Mukesh Sir, MCCC. You know you hustle and hustle in Mumbai to get a good role. When you get one, you want to completely go for it, and give it your all.”

3. What is the best compliment you received for your role so far?

She ponders, “There have been a lot of genuine compliments from people I know and people I don’t know. But one thing, that a lot of people messaged me saying was that they really felt a lot of emotions while watching it. For example, people who were dating were reminiscing their past relationships and people who were currently dating could really relate to all the emotions being expressed throughout the story. It really gives me a high to know that I am able to make somebody feel something. And as an actor and artist, that is very empowering. And the fact that my parents called my work effortless, was really encouraging to hear.”

4. Tell us something about your family. How is your bonding with them?

She tells, “I am from Delhi. I am not from a film family, but a filmy family nevertheless (Chuckles). I am extremely close to my family. My Mom, Dad, Elder brother and my Daadi. They’re all doing exceeding well for themselves and I’m trying to do the same out here in Mumbai. They’re my biggest strength and my happy place. I hope to make them very proud someday.”

Ananya Sharma

What was their first reaction when you said you wanted to become an actress because everyone in your family is into intense scholastic professions?

She laughs, “They acted as if they didn’t hear it. They used to say Yeah, yeah, yeah, and the topic used to change. They always knew that I was a playful and dramatic child, so I don’t think it came as a total shocker, but there was definitely a lot of convincing to do. So, I had to say it a couple of times over months for them to finally realize that I am serious about it and it is not just a phase.They came to terms with it eventually. And they have been extremely supportive ever since. I don’t know what I would do without them.”

5. How is Ananya Sharma in real life? Is she similar to Tanya or completely different?

Ananya intoned, “Ananya Sharma is a total paradox. Ananya Sharma is trying to figure out who Ananya Sharma is. (Subtle laugh) There is a lot of mystery there. However, I will tell you one thing; she is the kind of girl you want around you. She is super fun and she keeps things interesting. As compared to Tanya, she is not similar, in the way that she is not so outrightly shy. I am not shy. I can cover my act very well. The person around me would never know that I like him. My facial expression would never be blushy, if I don’t want it to be. I am similar to Tanya in a way, that I will always be there for my loved ones, despite the fights and differences. If I know, they need me, I am there. There is no doubt about that.”

6. So, did you meet that special one in your Lift?

With a quiet laughter, “No. No. I have not. Just a couple of friendly strangers once in a while.”

Ananya Sharma

7. How is it working with Ida Ali and Window Seat Productions? Any unforgettable incidents from sets?

“It was really awesome. Ida is pretty sorted as a person. She knows exactly what she wants and even for me I instantly connect with people who have clarity. She was very open to what I offered to bring to the table as well. So as an actor, for me, this made the process very simple and comfortable. It was actually great working with her and as I said, window seat has always been my personal favourite. Imtiaz Sir has always been one of my favourite directors and to work for his production house, was a very pleasant experience. The shoot was quite smooth and a lot of fun.”

8. We would like to know more about you. Your little things, for MagZone’s Wall of Slam!

Your Nickname?

Rinnie, Anzie Pants, Foxy etc.

Date of birth?

23 April 1993

Favorite movie?

Dil Chahta Hai and Good Will Hunting.

Favorite colour?

Turquoise and Black

Favorite actor?

Meryl Streep and as an entertainer, Govinda!

Favorite destination?

Chamonix-Mont Blanc


It’s not exactly a phobia, but I hate insects. “shudders”.

Any obsession?

Cold coffee.


To be a great actor and have a fulfilling life with tons of adventures.

Pets or no pets?


3 words to describe yourself?

Dependable, quick-witted and ambitious.

What makes you happy?

Seeing my parents happy and seeing my friends in a pickle.

Ananya Sharma

9. What are your plans for future? Are we going to see more of you on-screen like on YouTube or you will be debuting in the movies?

Ms Sharma voices, “Well. Hopefully, yes. I am looking at bagging good meaningful roles in the future. So, I hope I will be seen in a lot more good stuff in the coming time. Fingers crossed!

10. Any message you have for the people who watched ‘Lift’ and for those who will be watching it soon.

“Thank you so much for all your love. I totally appreciate it. It was very up‘Lift’ing (Laughs). For people who haven’t watched it, if you ever have 12 minutes to spare, do give it a watch. Thank you once again for all your love. I am really grateful.”

Ananya Sharma

The blooming flower is hoping to fly with the breeze on the path to her destiny she decided. The scent spreading through the screens is the addictive intoxication. Hoping to see her soon back in a new venture, The MagZone congratulates Ananya Sharma on her whimsical debut and success of the short film.

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