An Open Letter To The Father Of A Bachelorette

Father Daughter Duo

Dear Dad,

Remember the time when you first held my finger, or when you first held me in your arms, the moment when you helped me take those first few tiny little steps, or when you helped me have my first bite, or when you taught me how to ride a bicycle? I know you remember all those moments, they might be so close to your heart. After all, I am your baby girl, whom you have helped become a successful, independent young woman. But what bothers me sometimes is the fact that all this while, you have been there for me, teaching me about little things in life, but why can’t you let me take a few decisions on my own. I know your fears, and they are genuine too, but now is the time when I start to learn from my own mistakes rather than looking up to you to help me out yet again.

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I want to go travel the world, meet new people, understand and realise how kind this world could be, or how cruel it could be at the same time. I want to get out of the shadow of your warmth and love for once, and face the uncanny winds, and return home a winner, to see that proud feeling in your eyes.

I know you fear that the path could be too rough, I might fall down a few times, have heartbreaks, I might cry myself to sleep and not call you only because I know how much it would hurt you, but dad, how would I learn to stand up, put a band-aid on an injured knee, and walk again, if I won’t fall at all. How would I learn to stand up all on my own, without holding your hand if you keep on extending it? How would I learn to wipe my tears and put a brave smile on my face, if you’ll always pin up a hanky on my dress?

Dad, I need you to let go of me for a while and let me be the soldier of the battle that I have to fight alone. Let me return to you with stories to tell, with tales so adventurous that they will bring a smile on your face. Let me write my life story, where I can mention that my father is my hero because he taught me how I could be the wonder woman of my own life.

Baby Girl

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