A Little Throwback On How Our Lives Used To Be When The Absentees In Our Lives Were Present

We are alone when we step foot into this world. The second we are out, we aren’t alone anymore. Though we aren’t aware, there are hands that caress our fragile frame gently. There are eyes that cry sugar rivers, welcoming us. Yet, now, if we look back at what our life has been, there’ll be gaps – where people used to be. That doesn’t mean they’re dead physically. To be perfectly precise, their lines are dead.

Here is a little throwback on how our lives used to be when the absentees in our lives were present –

At times, did you wonder
How life’s a big blunder
Our smiles now brittle
Minds much too fickle!

Life is not a beautiful mess, as told by many poets and authors. It is a gruesome mess. One which we cannot clean to the fullest. We taint the journey of our lives with our first fake smile. The day we learn to smile scornfully and gracefully disguise it as a pleasant one, our lives are already doomed.

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Age seizes innocence
We develop reticence
What friendship do we expect?
When all we tend to do is suspect
Him, her and ourselves too
Alas! In the end, nothing we do
Can account for the things
We lost!


Knowledge is power, it is said
“Ego” is what it fed
Ability to foresee the events
On the roads where it prevents
And Kills
Our fantasies of a Prince on a horse
Of rescuing Rapunzel with a tone so hoarse
And love so strong
Along this quest for knowledge
Somewhere, we travelled wrong!


Those blank black holes
That render our greying souls –
Missing persons are a fable
To be written in diaries
Quoted as long-lost fairies
Oh, boy! How we once knew 
To touch their spirit, if only a few
For them, now, we mourn
In a silent groan!


Don’t blame them, for, you too
Are an absentee with no clue
To find
In their life
No smartphone shall connect
These disparities that disconnect
The future our lives hold
Signals are no longer bold
The towers of our soul long fell
With a loud yell!

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Where are you now?
Will I find you in the alcove?

Maybe, in my heart
Where there’s still a large part
Of an invisible, you left
That never turned me bereft
Yet, at times, I look back at those days
Of sharing sickles to watch plays
Of fighting for a plate of Maggi
Even though it turned overly soggy
I remember us strangling each other for that role
Of our favourite hero hitting the villain with iron pole
Our red fake capes of Superman
And black plastic masks of Batman
Hurting cheeks after blowing balloons
And while laughing at cartoons
Of Tom and Jerry
Fighting on a ferry
Of Bob the Builder
Setting bricks in perfect order
Of Noddy and Oswald
Which took us to an ephemeral world
Oh, how wonderful it is to reminisce
While standing at Life’s precipice!
Yet, now,

We are each other’s absentee
In a tale of you and me!

What’s your tale about the absentees in your life? Tag those unresponsive absentees in the comments below, who were once your best mates!

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