An Interview With Keshav Aneel, The Man Behind The One From The Stars

keshav aneel

Keshav Aneel, author of ‘Promise me a million times’ and ‘The one from the stars’ comes from the city of Chandigarh. His interests include listening to music, writing and traverse across the hills.
In an interview with the MagZone, Keshav tells more about himself. His second novel ‘The one from the stars’ is in some way or the other connected to every child who comes from a middle class family. This book stands for an unsaid, or very less said emotion of every heart, that despite having all the potential, due to lack of money, has to willingly or unwillingly quit on dreams and take a safer path owing to parental pressure. Read along to explore more about the author.

Excerpts from the interview:

Q.1 Your book – ‘The one from the stars’, is about a non-conventional dreamer. Does the story draw any inspiration from you or your real life experiences?

In the words of Keshav Aneel- “Yes. It is someone who is related to me and most of the story is reality while the rest is fiction”.

keshav aneel

Q.2 Has your work been turned down by publishing houses? How did you deal with it?

“I think it has been turned down by almost every literary agent and publishing house in the country. Then finally one publisher approved my work. I have a very clear philosophy in life- what is meant to happen, will happen; what is not meant to happen, will not happen“.

Q.3 How did writing come to you? Were you still in your teens then?

“Writing is in my blood, I believe. My mother was an unpublished poet and that is where the talent came from. I started with writing a song as a kid and wanted to grow up soon, learn about publishing and get published”.

Q.4 How do you deal with a writer’s block?

“As a spiritual person I am, I also like doing yoga and meditation. With all of this, the block doesn’t last long”.

keshav aneelQ.5 What are your views on junk literature?

Keshav Aneel had a very interesting reply to this. In his words– “For me, there is nothing like junk literature. Either you market your work well, or you don’t market your work well. Moreover, it is also about the demand of the readers”.

Q.6 What is your favourite literary work, by whom and why?

“I’ve always loved the Bhagwad Gita. But apart from them, Paulo Coelho’s Zahir is my favourite. Coelho’s philosophy is such that it makes me come at peace with myself and life”.

Q.7 Since you like travelling; which place, by far, has been your favourite spot?

“It is Andaman and Nicobar islands because the scenery was beautiful and everything around me was peaceful”.

Q.8 Flash fiction has made a breakthrough in the world of literature. Do you see it as a threat to what literature originally is or a boost to the main aim or motive of literature?

“Flash fiction is acting like a catalyst here because when we are putting our unlimited thoughts in a limited number of words, it is challenging both for the reader and the writer”.

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Q.9 Is there any new story/novel you are working on?

“Yes, I am working on my 3rd novel and it will come out in 2018”.

Keshav adds by saying– “It will be an emotional story about true love and sacrifice”.

Q.10 What is your message for the readers and writers of The MagZone?

Keshav Aneel appreciated the writers of The MagZone. In his words– “Well, I think they are smart people and know more about life than I do”.

Talking to Keshav Aneel made me remember one of the lines from his book ‘The One From The Stars’ – “Glory can never taste great without the struggle. The harder your path, the sweeter will be your victory”.

Hope you liked our interview with Keshav Aneel. Drop your views in the comments section below:

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