All You Need To Know About A Potent Psychedelic Drug: LSD

An article under the name of “Hyderabad’s LSD Blues” was published in The Hindu on 22nd July 2017.When I read the title, I didn’t get anything, but when I read the article, I was startled.

It was about the rich, school-going teenagers of Hyderabad who were getting addicted to a psychedelic drug named LSD or Lysergic acid Diethylamide, which is also known as stars, L, microdots, and even looney tunes for it comes in a size smaller than a finger tip, and in various colourful sticker like shape so that no one can know. And it’s a psychedelic drug because it causes hallucinations, dilates the eye pupils and gives you an instant high and its effects can last from 3 hours to a day.

In this ever changing world, people aren’t able to cope up with new and challenging situations which provoke anxiety and this makes them turning towards drugs to escape the reality, to fill the void, and most importantly, to feel good.


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They think that drugs will be a solution to all their problems, but eventually, drugs become a problem.

The peer pressure, fear of getting teased or getting called as a “kid” also provokes a person to indulge in drugs.

And this is where the role of right upbringing and a strong willpower comes. For a right upbringing and a strong willpower will never lead you to a wrong path.

You need to take care of yourself and prepare yourself because some people are always ready to lead you to a wrong path.

At some point in time, consuming drugs and alcohol might fascinate you since it’s a thing only “cool” people do, but trust me, you’ll never achieve any good from this.

You might think it as a necessity to overcome anxiety issues and various other tensions but do you really think that these issues are so serious that you’ll really need drugs to calm yourself down??

Think again. 

And you’ll save yourself from getting trapped in a never-ending trap.

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