Is Adityanath, The Next Modi?

325 out of 404. Even the boss of BJP must not have thought of such a huge mandate in their favour before the results came out. The way UP voters have voted for BJP clearly shows the success of Amit Shah and Modi and their talent in contesting the elections, which of course has no competition in the country as of now. If BJP’s words to be believed, the elections were completely fought on the agenda of Development and Vikaas but Do the appointment of Yogi as the CM justifies that? Will It Make Yogi Adityanath the next Modi?

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Has BJP Sidelined The Agenda Of Development?

The real surprise came after a week of results when BJP appointed Yogi Adityanath as their choice of chief minister in the state which gave them such a huge mandate.

The election which was contested on the ground of Development and progress from BJP’s side seems to have completely lost its grounds and have again turned out be a traditional UP election based on caste and politics. Since, there are hardly any records available to prove that Adityanath is the ideal Vikaas Purush with vision to deliver PM Narendra Modi’s development vows in the state, the appointment of two Deputy CM’s can be well justified.

adityanath the next modi adityanath the next modiAdityanath which seems to represent two Major castes of UP, The Thakurs and The Brahmins and the image of most popular Hindutva boy of the region will definitely ensure in preserving the precious upper caste voter bank of Uuttar Pradesh which was nearly 2/3 of the voter’s population among who voted for BJP in 2017. The appointment of two Deputy CMs Dinesh Sharma and Keshav Prasad Maurya must have been a strategy to balance the backward representation in the Top Power Holders.

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Next five years would be crucial for both UP and BJP as the population of Uttar Pradesh will play a major role in deciding the government for upcoming 2019 Lok Sabha elections. The work of BJP of next two years can bring a major 5-10 percent change of vote share which is well enough to shift the powers from one party to another.

It Would be interesting to see how BJP runs the UP for next five years after winning such an election with such a popular and huge margin.

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