What Happens When You Publicly Ask People ‘Aaoge Kabhi Haveli Pe?’.

‘Aaoge kabhi haveli pe’. How creepy does that sound? And what would your reaction be if someone randomly asked you this question while walking on the streets? And more to your surprise, what if a pretty girl approached you and asked you the same. Well, this is exactly what Love and Khushi from the YouTube channel ‘Luvrudraksh’ did on the streets of India.

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Right from awkward social interviews to pranks, they have it all that can make you laugh. And recently they publicly asked people walking on the streets, ‘Aaoge kabhi haveli pe’. And the responses they received were hilarious.

Some responded with attitude while some were too shy to even look into the eyes. And some took cover by saying that they are in a relationship. What a safe response it really was. But most definitely each one of them would totally crack you up with the awkwardness that thickened the air.

aaoge kabhi haveli pe

‘Aaoge kabhi haveli pe’, how sophisticated would it sound if spoken in English. And would it have a different kind of impact to get a positive response? Well, this is what happened in real. One foreigner was asked by Love, “would you like to come to my palace”. And he asked it so swiftly by going down on one knee while holding a leaf, that the girl actually agreed.  Obviously oblivious to what the phrase actually meant.

So go and watch this video to tickle your funny bones because once you start it you’ll definitely watch it till the end. And before you realize you would have watched almost all of their pranks and awkward social interview videos. Enjoy.

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