A Rakhi To My Sister


As we celebrate Rakshabandhan on 7th August this year, here is something for those girls who may not have a brother but surely have a sister to protect them because Rakshabandhan is all about love, care and protection between two siblings.

She brought smile on a brother’s face
She held his hand to assure his sister’s safe
“The sacred thread ties you both together,
Protect her from all evil fate”

The brother happily wipes his tear
As his life got meaning again,
He didn’t want the auspicious time to pass away
So he ran as fast as he could,
his energy regained.

He carried sweets in one hand
And Rakhi in another
He was thankful to the God for saving his sister
On a day so auspicious in Hindu culture

He went to the hospital room
And saw his sister sleeping,
Next to her was the person
Who brought her back to living

He took one Rakhi from his hold
Brought it near the Saviour’s hand
“May you be blessed to protect each day,
My sister lives because you were her brother today”

He tied the Rakhi on her hand
Was surprised to find one already there
“I have a younger sister just like yours
I am a doctor here,
But a brother to my sweet doll”

Proudly the doll writes about her sister
The one, who is not only her protector
but of many out there
She laughs at the way the society said
“You don’t have a brother to celebrate this day”

Little did they know, it’s about love, care and protection between two siblings
And for me, every Rakshabandhan is sister’s day.

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Wish you all a very Happy Rakshabandhan and pray that the bond between siblings stays stronger and forever. Tell us how you celebrated your day today in the comments section below: