A Plea To All The Indians Out There, Whose ‘Walk Of Respect’ For Dead Is No More A Solution

A sincere plea to let us live.

India is watching two rape cases now – The Kathua rape case and the Unnao rape case. Rape is brutal; this is fundamental. Yet, all we are talking about now is the sinister murder of an 8-year-old girl, Asifa.

As a woman myself, I’ll recall a few issues we “WOMEN” face in this Godforsaken society.

To all the Indians out there!

1. Don’t stay out after the Dark, our parents warn

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Let us take a moment and recall our childhood. We are adults now. Was there a day, back in the past, when you were frightened of the Dark; not because of ghosts but because of ghastly men? Maybe, you weren’t terrified of your safety but if you remember correctly, your parents might have been on your tail, asking you to come home before the Dark. I had an episode with my parents on this issue. And I bet, many of you (women) have faced a few such episodes with your parents.

2. Don’t wear fitting clothes, this society warns

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Yeah! As ladies, our so-called ‘Integrity’ lies in the clothes we wear. ‘Coz society has no work other than gazing at what dresses we wear. I tell you this, hands down, that this society WANTS its women to be completely dressed from head to toe! Show a little skin or wear fitting jeans with a short top, society’s eyes are on you like a tiger’s eyes on a deer. Yes, we are now widening our scope of thoughts – accepting same-sex love and everything. But, when will everyone think liberally? How long before a girl can walk free from the chains binding her?

3. What about female infants? What crime did they commit?

An infant? Is it a ‘she’? OMG! Her gender is the only mistake she’s ever done. Just ‘coz she is a ‘she’, you choose to throw her in the dustbins or flush her down the toilets (recent case in Kerala’s hospital where a 2-day old girl infant was drowned in the commode).

To all those people out there who abandon their female child, remember that your mere existence in this world is because of a female. You need a woman to have a child but you don’t want your child to be a woman. Shame on you, society!

4. You need to “BUY” your ‘Husband’

Accept it, ladies! If you’re in the city, you might not have faced the issue of ‘Dowry’. But, Dowry is a silent devil. You won’t even know it existed before it clutches you and strangles you by your throat. Even today, there are instances, especially in rural India where women (daughters-in-law) are killed just ‘coz they haven’t brought dowry.

5. If you’re a woman and you’re SINGLE, you’re a SLUT.

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No, I won’t hesitate to say the word “Slut” anymore. I won’t put stars between S and T because if this society has no shame, calling us “sluts” without any hesitation, why should I? This society tends to forget a simple fact that women are human beings too, just like men. They have every right to decide what their life’s going to be. If they want to travel alone, they have every friggin right to do so. The society has no right to point them out and say that since she’s single, she must have her way with every man!

6. In a crowded place, get ready to get your breasts or butt groped! – #metoo

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How many hashtags have we seen on Facebook walls? On WhatsApp stories? On Instagram stories? Many! There are many incidents which we, as women, don’t say out loud for the fear of being blamed – that it’s our fault we got groped by some stranger who won’t keep his hands to himself! That trend changed when women stood up and posted #metoo on their SNS walls. But, let me ask you – “What changed?!”

7. If you’re raped and alive later, be ready to listen to the words “You’re to blame!”

I clearly remember the day when Nirbhaya was gang-raped on a bus. You know what I heard? I heard some people say that “She shouldn’t have roamed the streets at midnight with her boyfriend! She shouldn’t have boarded a bus with no people!” Seriously? That’s what you say when she’s out there fighting for her life which was about to come to a drastic end abruptly? Should she be ready to hear words of blame?What the frigging hell is wrong with our society?

If you say grown women are at fault for “getting raped” by some men who can’t control their reproductive organs, what about the 8-year-olds, 9-year-olds, and 4-year-olds who are subjected to rape? Are they at fault? If they are, do let us know what their mistake is? Oh, so if they play alone in an abandoned field, they’ll get abducted and raped? That’s what you plan to say?

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What about “Asifa”? Why isn’t she getting justice? Because of her “Religion”? Just because the alleged rapists are Hindus and the victim is a Muslim, you carry out riots supporting rapists?! I hate to say this but our society is far more aberrant than I imagined it to be. Again, shame on you for supporting rapists and the stupid choices you made in the name of religion! FYI, the temple you adore has been the place where the alleged rapists pounded the young child into utter submission, later death!

8. Marital rapes

I don’t even need to start on this, do I? These are very common. Since this happens without anyone’s knowledge, inside a four-walled room called the “Bedroom”, we, the pillars and members of this society name it as “Sex” or “Making love”. Not “Rape”.

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To all the “Gentlemen” out there!

We need not tell you what’s happening in this society. You have eyes that can see perfectly well. And, we, women, know that you’re trying your best to protect those you cherish in your life. It doesn’t give you the right to ‘comment’ on ‘women’ who aren’t your family, okay? It doesn’t give you the right to call a girl ugly or that she’s damn hot. It’s not a problem if you praise us. Even if you don’t, it doesn’t matter to us ‘coz we’re not here to listen to you sing songs for us. We’re your equals. You call us feminists. You say we’re on a rampage to stamp all men down.

No, we are not.

It is merely our plea to you to see us as human beings and not as “Holes”. ‘Coz that’s what we are to this society. You are not to blame entirely because there are women out there who discriminate between a boy and a girl. This goes to all such people out there who are hell-bent on loving only “Boys” and shunning “Girls”.

We face many issues every day. Dear Gentlemen, nobody gropes your butt when you’re on a crowded bus or train. We face that and we can tell nobody about it. So, we start protesting in the name of “Feminism” and “Gender Equality”. It doesn’t mean we HATE you. Remember, it means, we are silently pleading you to help all women out there who cannot voice the troubles they face.


With this, I rest my pleas. #metoo #justiceforAsifa

There are many rape cases in India which are brutal. Some victims weren’t even given justice.

Whatever your thoughts are, feel free to write them down in the comments below. We, the family of The MagZone, hope that Asifa is truly avenged for what’s done to her.