9 Problems Every Book Lover Faces

Problems Every Book Lover Faces

Let’s face it. A book-lover faces too many problems. They might not be as tough or complex as the ones in our curriculum books. Still, it’s hard to finish a novel by treading on a bed of roses. Who said reading isn’t a complex affair? If I must say, it’s like a troublesome love affair. A novel has too many mistresses. And, book-lovers can’t help but maintain tons of affairs.

Problems every book lover faces

If you’re a book-lover, you’ll know how crisp the pages are between our fingers even without tasting them. And their smell? Biblichor – Possibly the best one after Petrichor. It’s heaven to book-lovers when biblichor, petrichor and the aroma of coffee/tea mingle to form a soul-soothing scent. Even now, as I type these words, I reminisce how I feel each time I caress a novel in my hands.

Problems every book lover faces

There is no love purer than the one between a bibliophile and a book. At the same time, there’s no relation which is as strained and unfaithful as the one between a bibliophile and a book.

So, we bring you a list of problems faced by a book-lover. If you are one of us, you can relate to most of them. Do let us know!

1. A wish list with no END

Problems every book lover faces

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One might feel bemused. Why should a mere wish list cause any trouble to a book-lover? Trust me, creating a wish list is easy. The thing is all the books on Amazon, save GK books and competitive examination books, creep their way into our cart with a single click. And, book-lovers still feel as if they clicked only 3 books instead of 30 and proceed to buy; only to find that the “Amount to pay” is 10,000 and not 1000. Again, it’s such a hassle to pick 2 or 3 books from the cart. The wish list gets piled up and damn!

2. The “OUT OF STOCK” phase

Problems every book lover faces

When book-lovers see that line – Out of stock, under the book you planned to buy after a while, they need pillows and buckets. A pillow to vent their blazing fury on and a bucket to fill with their tears of frustration and agony. “Why the hell didn’t I buy it when it had a 40% discount? Why did I wait for Christmas so that I can buy it at 60% discount? I’m so dumb! Whoever bought that book shall be cursed and doom will befall them!” These tantrums are common.

3. Exhausted Piggy Bank

Problems every book lover faces

When you scrape all the litter money you’ve got to buy a book and happily skip to the counter of the bookstore; then realize that the funds you scraped won’t even amount to half a book, do you know how heart-wrenching it is? Breaking up with a lover would seem less painful compared to being broke and not being able to buy a book.

4. Where should I place this book now?

Problems every book lover faces

Still, book-lovers have a number of books despite being broke. Then comes another issue. Where to put this book now? Their whole cupboard is filled and so is their desk. It’s strewn with files and a neat pile of novels. Whatever, I’ll leave it where I can see it, they create towers upon towers in their room. Storage is a serious issue.

5. Put up with others’ stares when you cry and laugh while reading

Problems every book lover faces

Don’t people laugh and cry when watching a movie? That doesn’t ever elicit funny stares, does it? Then why do people stare at book-loves like they’re schizophrenic just because they cry, laugh and scowl at characters and situations written in a book they read? The stares are creepy, seriously.

6. Facing Mom’s question, “Is this in your curriculum?”

Problems every book lover faces

Any Mom revels in the knowledge of her kids studying without having to chide them constantly. Oh, yeah, book-lovers do read! But not the prescribed textbooks or reference books. To quote personally, I usually shut myself in my room and read novels. My Mom thinks I’m studying for my upcoming exams which are months away and then one day, she comes in without knocking, only to find me rolling in bed with a novel in my hands. “Is that novel listed in your curriculum this semester?” she asked me so sweetly that it was terrific. It’s a Mother’s universal code that I’m a few millimetres away from blowing your brains out!

7. When someone asks for your book

This one has 3 phases.

a) Denial

Problems every book lover faces

Book-lovers, inwardly, hate sharing their books. Then comes integrity into the picture. They simply can’t turn down their friend’s request for a book. So, they think.

b) Accepting grudgingly

Problems every book lover faces

Here you go. It’s one of my favourite novels, okay? It’s a good read and you’ll enjoy it. Make sure you follow my “No dog-ears” policy. Don’t fold the book backwards and be mindful of the outer cover. It’s a hardcover so it tends to come off. Just use it safely, okay? Or else, my heart will break” a typical dialogue of a book-lover.

c) Scrutinizing the way their friend handles their book

Problems every book lover faces

Their heart-throbs and thuds with fear and anxiety. It repeats a single mantra that they telepathically induce in their friend – Handle with care!

8. Getting the “DUH” look when the reason for sleep deprivation is “Novel reading”

Problems every book lover faces

Book-lovers don’t see why they shouldn’t sacrifice their glamour sleep for reading a novel. They get through the night with any issues. The real problem starts when they have to work the following day. People just don’t understand why they had to forsake their sleep and their “DUH, SERIOUSLY?” look doesn’t help book-lovers in the least.

9. The Breakup sequence with a finished novel

Problems every book lover faces Cutting the string that ties a novel to their heart is probably the hardest situation book-lover faces. A finished novel is a heart-break material.

Still, that doesn’t mean they stop starting a new book

Problems every book lover faces

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That breakup sequence will last for 5 minutes. At the max, 10 minutes. Not more. Another book finds its way into a book lover’s hands. Always.

Are you a book-lover too, like us? Do let us know if you relate to the above-mentioned problems every book lover faces.

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