8 Things That Revolve Around Girls Mind

Girls are the busiest creature in this world because they have a lot to do, in case of fashion, hairdo, body and so on, even sitting at one place she builds a home in her mind with a lot of stuff, she over thinks the most which make her a busy one. There are things that every girl thinks about which she shouldn’t think much.

So here are 8 things that revolve around Girls Mind:

1. Fat or skinny

This is the most common thing among girls, once or twice in a day eyes used to visit the area of the mirror where either girl asks “am I too fat” or “am I too thin”. They always want to look better especially in case of physical appearance. They over think so many times whether to gain weight or lose. You should be happy whatever you are having, or if you do not, then try to figure out the solution by working on that particular thing rather than thinking too much.

2. When will that special person enter?

A question always hits the mind, which side is much better, being single or committed? And this thing never lets the mind to stop thinking. It is not making us good but its damaging us from inside, so it’s better to enjoy the life, no matter which side we are dealing with. If a right person is meant to come later or sooner then he will come, there is nothing to over think.

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3. Will he stay forever with me?

Being in a relationship raises a lot many doubts. Is he being fake? Will he stay forever? Does he really love me? Such questions are common in a relationship that a girl thinks about, but not every time in a continuous process. Thinking too much about all this will automatically ruin your present so instead of paying so much attention towards all such stuff take care of the relationship you are carrying.

4. Why is that guy staring me?

In this huge crowd why his eyes are finding the way to look into my eyes, does he like me? Something is brewing, chances are that he must be looking randomly or maybe he likes me. Huh! So much confusion, it’s better not to think much, instead wait and watch.

5. Are my eyebrows spreading ugliness?

Is it too thin? Are they matching to each other? Is it suiting on my face? Calm down girls, they are just eyebrows they will grow up again, it is not set up permanently, you are definitely going to have chances to design it accordingly, at least don’t waste time to think about them.

6. What should I do with the text?

If I send him a text, what should be its length? will he read a long text? I should check my tone!? Such questions will dance around your head until you get a reply. Does it make sense to think this much only because of a text you are sending him? Stop analyzing too much just be you.

7. My bra strap is visible or not?

Every time when we wear a top with bit different neckline or back, we get worried about the strap of the bra, it is a perpetual thing which doesn’t have any solution, girls used to give all importance to that strap which is peeping out from the sides of the top. It’s alright if it’s visible, there is nothing wrong with that, it is also a part of the clothes.

8. Why do these periods happen?

Every month the same situation when you love your bed the most, with the pain and bleeding, thinking again and again why these periods come up every month to trouble me, and a lot of stress you carry in your head. Just calculate the things practically, this too will pass, and treat it as a monthly thing, move on.

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