8 Things You Can Relate To If You Are Dating A Punjabi Girl

No matter from which cast we belong, we all love to sit in a Punjabi’s company because of their big hearts and hilarious conversations.

When it comes to Punjabi girls they are no less than the Punjabi boys and even in the movies we love these ladies on screen for their Punjabi roles like Kareena in Jab We Met, Alia in Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhania and Kangana in QueenThese ladies proved that Punjabi girls are ideal for dating and they have all the things a guy want in his girl.

Here we are presenting the things you can relate to if you are dating a Punjabi girl.

1. They are a good cook

Whether it’s Aloo ka parantha or butter chicken or any other cuisine, Punjabi girls know how to cook the tastiest meal. That’s why they make best wives and daughter-in-laws. Trust me your mom’s gonna love her ?

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2. Born fighters

They are born fighters. Never ever try to mess up with a Punjabi girl. They really don’t need anyone to stand by them, though they always got their brother’s back. They are always truthful and expect the same from you. If they really care about you, trust me, they can even break your rival’s face and bones.

3. Beauty runs through her veins

They are blessed with naturally beautiful skin and features. Wearing a Punjabi suit with all gracious features, make them look perfect. They don’t need any dressing and makeup guidance. They even look best in simple attires and can easily make your heart skip a beat.

4. They have got a golden heart

With a big smile on their beautiful faces, they always stand first in everybody’s problems. They never keep grudges in their hearts. As they are straight forward they prefer to say things on your face rather than bitching at your back and keeping them in their hearts. If you are special to them they will love you unconditionally.

5. Full of traditional values

She believes in Punjabi culture and lifestyle. Punjabi suit, Jutti, poetry etc come in this category. Respecting Elders with the great value of gesture and love for youngers are her key factors.

6. Vibrant and full of life

Punjabi girls are full of life. Even when they have a dull moment, it is only for a few minutes. They rebound very quickly. They are always energetic and make their surroundings light and joyful. They always have a good sense of humour and can make people laugh easily.

7. Jolly nature

Beautiful faces with jolly nature is like icing on the cake. They are friendly, humorous, talkative and love to socialise. They can make friends very easily. Wherever they go, they leave their mark on people’s heart.

8. Good dancers

They are God gifted with this skill. Whether it’s any family function or any competition they have always proven themselves. Their energetic thumkas and gidda can make you a ‘lattu’ for her dance too easily.

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You are lucky if you are dating a Punjabi kudi. Tag your Punjabi kudi in the comment section below and make her feel special!