8 Silly Gifts That You Can Give To Your Girlfriend

Gifts are special, aren’t they? They are physical symbols of a virtual love. And, often, we find ourselves in a dilemma – What gift should I buy this time? I’ve asked the same question to myself many times. Being a girl myself, I know what girls receive the most, as gifts. Teddy bears being first on the list, then handbags/clutches, tops/dresses, photo frames, coffee mugs and so on.

These are common – exhaustible. But, memories are the ones that remain forever. And, those memories can be filled with so much fun and laughter when you give silly gifts to your friend. Here are a few silly ideas for gifts. Oh, and these ideas are not just for boys who are taken but also to that person who wants to see a huge grin on his/her friend’s face, the friend being a girl.

1. Lip Balm

Girls are very particular about chapped lips. When the calendar says Winter is coming, girls are sure to fight it with their arsenal – winter body lotions and a lip balm. There are loads of varieties and flavours in lip balms. You can look up online and gift her one. Believe me, she’ll use the whole stick. This is surely a silly gift and you’ll know when you see her face light up in hilarious laughter first instead of an exclamation.

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If you want to give a costly gift instead of Vaseline or Maybelline, Click here for a few costly lip balms available in Indian market.

2. Bathroom slippers and Bathrobe

Gifting these are so much fun. Bathrobes and bathroom slippers are available as a set and also in many cartoon-ish forms. You can buy a bunny outfit or a panda robe or any other character and see your girlfriend look even cuter than she already is.

Themed bathrobe and slippers
Bathrobes for pairs

If you are a couple, you can always buy bathrobes for pairs. Instead of gifting her the same tops and dresses, this one is a silly and enjoyable alternative. Try it out!

3. Quill earrings

Okay. Of course, they may be cheap but money doesn’t matter when you are set on making memories. Girls, most of them, are really very fond of quill earrings in regards to their simplicity and ethnicity available in a single package. These are very lightweight earrings, unlike other costly ones made of metal in the same design as the quill ones. Due to ease in making, they are available in various forms.

Even a complex design is light and can be worn without any ear issues later. You can hear her squeal with joy at the sight of these multi-use earrings.

4. Poem card/Book

Instead of buying greeting card from a store, you can always opt to do a card on your own. Not just a greeting card but a poem card or a book filled with poems for her and about her. You need not be a writer to write poems. Just jot down whatever lines that spring up in your mind as soon as you think of her.

If poems are not your forte at all, you can doodle and write a one-liner which says what you want to do with her your whole life (this one’s for couples exclusively).

Whatever you do – card or a book, you should be the one who draws and writes for her. It’s meaningless if it’s someone else’s effort. And, if you opt to do a poem card, select a light wood plaque and write on it with a permanent pen marker. In the end, you and your girlfriend can sign on it – right under the poem you wrote for her. A bliss!

5. Dream catcher

Say no to Teddy bears! She does hug that bear you’ll give and sleep but that teddy, though fluffy, won’t ensure good dreams to your girlfriend. Especially, on the days when she watches a horror flick and is scared to sleep, the presence of a dream catcher will give her a sense of relief and serenity.

To make this more attractive, there is always the option of personalized dream catchers in which names are written. You can have your name written in the centre of the catcher and then gift it to her. It’ll be a symbol of you driving her away from her bad dreams.

6. Pair goggles – heart shape only

This one can only be done between couples. Generally, as far as I know, boys wear goggles the most. And, if girls do wear – it is for protection against the hot sun rays or for a photograph that’ll be soon a DP in their WhatsApp. You can buy a neat pair of goggles in a heart shape for each one of you can pose for pictures. These pictures can be later made into an album or scrapbook – your choice – and both of you can have one copy each.

No Snapchat goggles allowed here. Only real ones. If not heart shape, any other will also do as long as it is meant for pairs. In addition, you can also have your names written on the corner of a lens – your name on her goggles and her name on yours.

7. Roadside food

Instead of taking her to a star restaurant and making her feel uncomfortable – both with the calm aura and the prices, you can take her to a food mela. You know your hometown and at one place, there’ll surely be a food mela every evening, after 5. If your girlfriend is a foodie, there’s not a bigger gift than taking her to a road filled with stalls of panipuri, hot chat, samosa, noodles, 50 varieties of dosas, jalebi, and other non-veg dishes.

Here, she’ll feel at home and she will be her true self. In turn, you’ll receive the gift of an unmasked her.

8. Toe socks and gloves

You see any girl walking, just look at her feet. What do you see? Toe socks! They are the most frequently used clothing accessories. Due to global warming, we’ve become so protective of our own bodies. Give her the best woollen or cotton toe socks set with doodles on them and you’ll love to see her wearing them every single day.

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Tell her that you’ll be the one protecting her in every way possible and the toe socks are your medium to just do that.

That’s it, folks! These gifts are simple and silly. It’s not necessary that they are given individually. You can always pair up and gift her a few at a time.

How many of these have you gifted your girlfriend? If you have anymore silly gift ideas, do let us know in the comments below!

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