8 reasons to pick up a book right away!

I am a hard core bibliophile, an avid reader, a believer in dreams, and a solemn member of the ‘give-me-a-good-book-to-read-and-I-shall-always-love-you’ society. Why this bragging, you ask? Well, I believe before you convince someone to do something, you should suffice with enough reasons to make them listen to you. That’s enough hint now!

And by reading, I mean sincere, comprehensive reading. Books that fill your soul with so many emotions at once, that it’s hard to figure out your identity from those characters you just read. Descriptions so apt, even reality fades a little to the imagination. And stories so stirring, you don’t want to come out of the drowning ocean ever again. A little too much? Okay I give you simple reasons:

1. They expand your thinking domain.

Books of different genre affect your mind in different ways. Some make you downright hot-headed, while some melt your heart. For a good laugh, try satires. So you see, that’s the power they possess. If you give it a thought, you might actually be thinking of your favourite character instead of yourself!

Too much thinking, eh? 😀

2. They affect your thought process.

If you are an impulsive decision – maker, you might have had some progress in changing it without you even realizing it. Who’s at work? That amazing book you read maybe. And, it can always be the other way round fellas!

3. They help build up your vocabulary.

Yes. You are never so genius to know every word that you come across beforehand. And it’s never a bad time to learn, right?
Plus, even if you pronounce it wrong, never be embarrassed. You are doing great.
‘Never mock someone for pronouncing a word wrong. It means they learnt it by reading.’ 🙂

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4.They fill up your solitude.

They make the BESSSSSSSSSSSSST partners. Trust me on that. Plus you get so much to learn. Win-win!

5. If you read well, you write well.

Even better, with a little bit of creativity of course. That is because you know how stimulating the stories can be, and with that thing in mind, you strive hard to bring out your creative best. Plus, you know a lot of words.

6. You get to brag about ‘em.

ALL. THE. TIME. And fairly enough, people are impressed too. It I often related to a high intellectual level, so good for you. Also, you can post cool pictures on all your social sites. A trivial reason, but worth giving a thought!

7. And they smell so good!

Nothing compares to the sweet addictive scent of a fresh book. Try it for yourself.

8. They help you sleep better.

Tired after a day’s work but sleep doesn’t seem to know thy doors? Read a few pages of your favourite book. You will fall asleep before you know because they are sooooooooooooooo relaxing.

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I can go on a little longer, but I feel I have shared enough of my wisdom here. You will never regret it, that I promise. Start reading, and someday if you feel like, do let us know in the comments section below if this post convinced you even by the tiniest bit.