8 Delicacies From North East India That you Just Cannot Miss Out On!

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The seven sisters in the North East of our country are way different from us when it comes to food and culture. Their lives are as simple and colourful as their traditions. Their food is unique, unlike the mainstream culinary of our country.Related image

8 delicacies hidden in these mountains are a few delights that push the foodie in you to check out the North East  

1. Smoked Pork from Nagaland

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Image Credit: DialNagaland

Nagaland is famous for this pork dish, which is crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. It can be tossed dry or cooked as a gravy dish. Pork with Akhuni or Anishi are other popular preparations. These dishes do not use many spices except for Raja Mirchi, which is supposed to be the spiciest chilli in the world.This dish goes well with steamed rice.

2. Fish Tenga from Assam

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Image Credit: Aromas of Northeast

A light and tangy fish curry made with the Ou Tenga (Elephant Apple), this fish has a subtle sour taste which makes it scrumptious. The Assamese appreciate the sour flavor and prefer their food to have less oil and spices, which also makes Fish Tenga a great dish to have while travelling. It contains the authentic taste of Assam.

3. Iromba from Manipur

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Image Credit: The Indian Express

This simple yet delectable dish is prepared with fermented fish, mashed potatoes, fresh green leaves and blazing red chillies. This dish defines Manipur cuisine with its strong and pungent flavour. It is not exactly a dish, more of a chutney or side which is common in every household and goes well with almost every dish in the North Indian cuisine.

4. Chi Al Meh from Manipur

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Image Credit: Eclectic NorthEast

Chi Al Meh is the perfect soup to have while you sit in the mountains battling the cold. It is primarily a vegetable soup made with chopped onions, capsicum, mushrooms, spinach, ginger, chilies, soy sauce and salt and can be converted into a full meal by adding noodles. It is also a popular street food out there.

5. Jadoh from Meghalaya

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Image Credit: Ammaji Kitchen

A Khasi tribal delicacy, this meaty dish is comfort food. Almost like our much loved biryani, it is a dish consisting of rice and meat, which is what ‘Ja’ and ‘Doh’ stand for, respectively. It comprises of relatively lesser oil though. The highlight is that they add chicken or pork blood to the dish to render a metallic taste to the dish. Daring, we must say.

6. Chikhvi from Tripura

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Image Credit: Indian Food

Chikhvi is a much loved dish from Tripura, almost like the signature dish of the little state. Like almost all other dishes of this state, it is made with bamboo shoots and pork. The taste of the dish is smoky, rich and so soft, that you will feel the moisture in every bite. You just cannot miss out on this dish if you ever visit Tripura.

7. Sanpiau from Mizoram

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Image Credit: Sakeibaknei

Sanpiau is the most well liked street food of Mizoram. It is kind of a rice porridge served with coriander paste and some spring onions. This dish being among local favourites, is widely available in all corners of the state.

8. Thukpa from Arunachal Pradesh

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Thukpa is not only popular in the North East but also loved in the Himalayas and Nepal. It is basically soup or stew stirred with noodles. These noodles are usually made with millet, rice or wheat as Arunachal Pradesh is an agricultural state. It is authentic noodles at its best!

When you book the ticket to north-east, fire your hunger. Delicious delicacies are waiting to tease your taste buds and increase your appetite.

Share the best dishes you tasted in the comment section below. Bon appetit!