7 Types Of People Who Wish You On Your Birthday

Birthday is probably the most important time of the year. It is the day when you are given utmost importance.

Here is a list of all those various kinds of people who wish you on your birthday.

1. The 11:45 p.m. caller

“Talk to me for the next 15 minutes because I want to wish you first.”

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2. The Permanent Dot 12:00 am Caller

Every year, this person will never forget to wish you at 12. I wonder how they are so punctual.

3. The ‘Let me post your pictures on Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat” Wish

Because they themselves took the duty of informing everyone that it’s your birthday.

4. The ‘I am posting your Childhood Pictures’ Wish

Because I have pictures of you sitting naked in the tub when you were 1, and you sitting on the colourful pooping pan, living your life.

Not my childhood picture. I swear

5. The Early Morning Wisher

The people who love ruining your morning sleep.

6. The ‘I will ring your doorbell and ruin your face with a cake’ wishers

And it gets worse when they bring a coke to ensure you don’t end up looking good by any chance.

7. The ‘I wanted to be the last wisher’

They will never admit that they forgot your birthday.

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Which one of these are you? Do you know more kinds of people? Drop your kind in the comment section!

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