7 Tips To Cope Up Life After College, Coz New Living Has A Silver Lining

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Remember those days when pending assignments, monthly assessments, seminar reports and project presentations were your only stress. Well those golden days are over for me, and if you are reading this and sighing; then, my friend, they are over for you too. Now, as Monica would say it – Image result for monica gif from season 1 - welcome to real world it sucks

Not so much TBH!

College is one of the best times of a person’s life, and like all good things, we realize its importance only when we had our share of fun and enter into the post-stage. Job is stress; Higher studies is stress; Moving to a new city is stress. Basically, everything is stress. I say it because, duh, I am pretty stressed right now. (Oh! The chances of it!)

So while I may not help you decide what way you wanna travel forth, I can for sure, share with you my –

7 little tips to help you cope up with all these changes.

1. Talk

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If it’s killing you, and you are unable to bear all the drama (read life) happening; talk to a trustworthy source. Maybe your parents, or a sibling or your best friend. Basically, a support system who can make you believe that even if everything changes, they would still be the same. Very reassuring. Trust me.

2. Find the good.

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Personally, I hated having to move to a new city; but I had to do it. All my friends and family kept telling me it would be fine, but I wouldn’t listen, because I had conditioned myself to not like the new place. You know what? The first few days were hell. But then, the good began to show itself. The people here are nice, the weather is amazing, plus I get to do all the grown-up stuff. So yeah, I am doing fine now. You will too, just keep looking for it.

3. Live with an acquaintance

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If possible, live with someone you have shared a major portion of your life with; sibling, or a friend. Now, I know how they say it may not work out. I agree with it to some extent, but don’t just throw the possibility out of the window without even trying. Sure, if it doesn’t work out, you can always switch places. But it’s always nice to have someone you care about with you.

4. Stay in touch

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Just because college is over, it doesn’t mean you cut-off all contacts with friends. Pick up your close knit bunch and ring them once in a while. Share your new experiences, your bad days, the stress of the new stuff. Sharing helps. Same goes for family. When they tell you about their stuff, you will feel better that they are trying to manage too, and it’s going to be okay in a while.

5. Adopt a healthy lifestyle

Join that gym you wanted to, or that coaching you think you need. Start taking morning walks if you want to. Set up a healthy fitness goal for yourself, and stick to it. They say when the body’s good, the mind follows.

6. Explore your options

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You could take the job and postpone your plans for further studies, or you could just give up the job. Midway, you could try managing both. Totally your call. Analyse your potential, weigh up your possibilities and see what fits the best for you. Remember, it’s just the beginning of your life. If one thing doesn’t work out, the other will. Don’t get all worked up in stupid ‘Where is my life going?’ crap.

7. Believe in yourself

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Last but not the least, believe that you have it in you to take up whatever life brings, and take it up good. Love yourself, and never let go. Things will fall in place sooner or later.

Life is all about redesigning every moment, seeking different flavors. We relish lemonade’s sourness blended in sugar. Find the tinge of sweetness in the mess of new life after college. You will love it!

Let me know if you have little tips of your own in the comment section below. I could use some help. (*wink*)