7 School Memories Of Independence Day That We All Cherish!

School – this word is a reminder of happy, peaceful and carefree days. Friends, teachers, games/P.T period, cultural and holidays are the things that rush back to us. Independence Day has best school celebration memories up (except frying under the sun. Gosh! That was torture). Here are a few things I miss as grown up:

  1. Flags

It starts with flags pinned to our dresses and flags in hand. Waving them in happiness are the days we can never forget.

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  1. March-past

Preparation of march-past was the best time; because there was no need to sit in classes in the second half of the school. They were fun half-days. On Independence Day we all shined in washed and ironed white uniform. I still remember how we used to stand in our house groups with our captain holding the house flag in front. It was like a mini parade in our ground.

  1. Speeches

Most boring part of the whole Independence Day is speech. I am not saying they weren’t useful. Those speeches from Principal and guests from prominent positions are filled with wisdom. An overdose of it under the hot sun was not entertaining. Students who prepared speeches are always roasted because no one sitting in crowd stays silent.

  1. Flag hosting

There comes a moment of patriotism. Involuntarily everyone stands in attention and salute the flag and sing the National Anthem. Best moment of whole freedom celebration.

  1. Prize distribution

Prize distribution is the best part of the clapping competition (Redness on our palms decide who can clap louder!). The one who won for real in sports and first rankers of all classes become mini celebrities this day; prizes and certificates held their chin up. Their show off for next few weeks starts this day.

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  1. Cultural Programs

Few talented joined cultural programs and few to escape march-past join them. It was like a competition among groups – who will perform well? Choreography and costumes, everything is competition. For audiences, it is a treat to watch dance and drama on stage. If our best friend is there in any of the programs, then the excitement of you sitting in the crowd is no less.

  1. Chocolates and Biscuits

Until few years in school, this is the reason given by teachers and parents to make us attend Independence Day. It worked for a few years, then later attendance was the trick used. I still remember receiving two (2) eclairs chocolates and two (2) Marie biscuits. Later chocolates promoted to 5 stars and biscuits remained same.

We might not have enjoyed them at that time, but now we miss them. Our Independence Day start and ends in DD National. Independence Day at school is a real celebration of freedom.

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