7 Mythology Books That Will Blow Your Mind.

Have you ever wondered about the stories that we have grown up listening to? Have you been curious enough to know what actually happened? Here are a set of books which may help you find your answers.

When you come across the word ‘MYTHOLOGY’, it all seems really boring and dull. Well, it is not actually so. I had the same concept about this until i got exposed to these 7 books which left me awestruck.These books nullify our doubts and yet give birth to tonnes of questions.These are the books that will blow your mind.

1) Shiva Trilogy- Amish Tripathi.

I started my mythology journey with this series which consists of 3 books and i must admit, this is the hands down best book i have ever come across.This book will inspire you to read more of the past and you will find yourself surfing about things you never would think about. Though a fiction, no book has ever made the story seem so real and practical. This book depicts the story of Lord Shiva and his journey where he is claimed to be the saviour.

2) Palace of illusion- Chitra Banerjee.

This book revolves around the epic tale of ‘Mahabharat’ and is displayed from Draupadi’s point of view. It is one of the finest books and it will stir distinct emotions within you to just leave you spellbound.

3) Ajaya- Anand Neelkantan.

It is a series which consists of 2 books. This again is written on Mahabharat but, from Duryodhan’s point of view. This is the most remarkable book which is written admirably and  will make you think if Duryodhan (whom we have known as the villain) was really the evil one? This is a book series which will fill you with love, anger, sorrow and pity all at the same time. It is one of the books which you wont like to miss on.

4) Asura- Anand Neelkantan.

This book shows Ramayana from Ravan’s point of view. We have heard stories on cruelty of Ravan but this book will change your whole perspective and will in turn leave you with many questions which go unanswered. It presents a unique story and stands in topmost list of the good books.

5) Ram Chandra Series- Amish Tripathi.

It is a series which has released 2 books and the 3rd books is yet to be released. It tells the story of Ramayan which has been beautifully written with the story progressing with each book. It is a worth reading series.

6) Karna’s wife- Kavita Kane.

After reading Palace of illusion, and Ajaya, this is a book you should prefer. This book will create a turmoil of emotions within you. This again will change your whole concept and perspective towards the past. The beauty with which the book is written is magnificent and awe inspiring.

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7) Sita’s Sister- Kavita Kane.

Kavita Kane emphasizes on the stories of people who played an important role but were less described in the past. This book is written on Urmila about whom you must have not heard much. This book admires people and will give rise to a unique emotion that will eventually fill your heart.

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These books will make you laugh and cry, it will make you think and raise questions, it will help you understand life in its utmost way. They are all beautiful in its own unique way. Do let us know if you have read these or have more to add in the comments below.