7 Major Versions Of The Most Trending ‘Sonu Song’ You Should Listen Now

Sonu’ is definitely the most trending song in India right now. If you don’t know what Sonu song is, this is the right post for you! Sonu song has evolved in many languages in so many vivid and funny variants. So here is a list versions of the sonu song for you.

1. The Mumbai Sonu Song Version:

All The Mumbaikars, where are you?

2. The Gujju Sonu Song Version:

Sonu kyyan che la? All the gujjus, where are you?

3. The Marwadi Sonu Song Version:

Relatable enough? All the Marwadis where are you?

4. The Bhojpuri Sonu Song Version:

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Sonu, humre pe bharosa karo na! All the Bhojpuri lovers, where are you? Top in the list of versions of the sonu song.

5. The Bengali Sonu Song Version:

The Bangla version of Sonu is so adorable! All the Bengali people, where are you?

6. The Desi Version:

The desi version is here! A funny video you know to watch, definitely! One of the best versions of the sonu song

7. The Original Sonu Song:

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This remains the lit one for sure, cause it ain’t a version but the original, gold song!

Did You like the versions of the sonu song? Do let us know in the comments section below:

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