7 Easy Ways To Spice Up Your Room To Create An Ambience You Desrie!

Time for a crazy change.

Ambience makes a place lovable and walls definitely plays an important role in creating one. Ever thought of spicing up your room so you don’t have to look for pastel cafes to work in? Ever thought that your walls were too dull to live inside? Ever thought that changing your room’s look and feel was too expensive? I might just have the right thought to calm yours! 

Here’s your chance to spice up your room in 7 easy ways!

1. Go Crazy Pegatina-pared-Diente-de-leon-desde-Adhesivo-Otono-Butterblume10144

Select a wall that you would absolutely love to gaze at in your room and which is relatively empty of frames and clocks. Choose the wall wisely, it should look in sync with the room. Go crazy with the colors, you don’t have to choose one, you could choose a pattern or a splash of colors.

2. Makeshift Wall Paper

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Choose a wall which needs a bit of life and get your favorite printed or graphically designed bed cover and hang it on the wall on some thin rope. And viola, you have a pretty, reusable, cleanable, changeable backdrop if you want to take videos or pictures or just have an interesting wall.  

3. Sync your colors

Choose two or three color shades to work with in your room. They could be three very different colors like blue purple and yellow or they could be of the same pallet like pastel pink, baby blue and a beige. You could even work with three shades of the same color, if you’re so obsessed. Make sure your curtains, bed sheet, trash can, lamp shades all follow one color code. It looks amazing!

4. More is less

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Make sure to put your small itty bitty things inside your cupboards and your books in your book shelves to make your room look clean. Only let the things which cannot be stored away occupy floor area. The less stuff you have on your floor, the more spacious and cleaner your room will look. If you have two chairs but use only one, put the other one somewhere else.

5. Hang up! 25 Feng Shui Tips for House Protection: Tall Wind Chime ❁^^ ♡.. .~*~.❃∘❃✤ॐ ♥..⭐.. ▾ ๑♡ஜ ℓv ஜ ᘡlvᘡ༺✿ ☾♡·✳︎· ♥ ♫ La-la-la Bonne vie ♪ ❥•*`*•❥ ♥❀ ♢❃∘❃♦ ♡ ❊ ** Have a Nice Day! ** ❊ ღ‿ ❀♥❃∘❃ ~ SAT 9th JAN 2016!!! .. .~*~.❃∘❃✤ॐ ♥..⭐..༺✿ ♡ ^^❁

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So what if you can’t put things on the floor, put them on the ceiling! Use dream catchers, ying yangs, wind chimes, bird cages, different latterns- paper, wire, thread- you get the idea!

6. Post it!

Alana's Brooklyn Railroad Pin it What do you dream about? The perfect house? Filling your tiny closet with a massive wardrobe of designer goods? No matter what you're working towards, there are fiNeed to remember an assignment? Or was it the recipe to your favourite cake? Or did you recently read a quote which really stood out? Grab a colorful paper, jot it down and stick it on your wall! And pretty soon you’ll have a colorful wall of posts which mean something to you!

7. Show off! something like this will be in my gallery to display ceramic art and small sculptures

If you have a collection of something, like books or action figures or even nail polish, display them on a wall mounted shelf with trinkets here and there. It will always keep you motivated and it’ll look very aesthetic too!

I hope these have helped to turn the wheels of your brain a bit, even if you don’t do the exact same thing! Go crazy with your ideas and give a new look to your room.

Share your opinions in the comments section below and tag the one whose room needs a makeover! Tell us what you would like to read, we will post more ideas regarding home decor in next blog.