7 Cartoon Characters That Look Like RaGa!

If India is a computer, Congress is its default programme“, once said our very own national comic and not-so-wise Rahul Gandhi (and he might be the virus).

Time and again, our newspapers, channels and social media have glorified speeches and statements of RaGa. They certainly had us doubled up with laughter. Looks like Pogo got to hire a brand new cartoon- the Gandhi scion because he’s just perfect for it. And the best part, they’ll never run out of episodes!

However, before he comes up with a cartoon show of his own, let us see how he borrows from our favourite cartoons. Or wait, is it the other way round?

1. Nobita (as in Doraemon)

It is always a tiring day at work for him, so he chooses to sleep during the sessions of Lok Sabha. He sleeps a bit more than Nobita does. As if this wasn’t enough that Rahul wants to beat the poor fictional thing in being a loser too. He’ll win over someone at least!

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2. Shin Chan

If you ever miss watching Shinchan, or are bored by the repeated episodes being aired, just change to a news channel to rather listen to Rahul Gandhi. He might just prove to be funnier than Shin Chan. His super entertaining script (speech) will never repeat the jokes, promise.

Don’t believe us? Click here to have fun!

3. Dholu (as in Chota Bheem)

Remember Dholu-Bholu, the dumbest kids you’ll ever come across? Rethink. Are you sure they were the dumbest? There might be a competitor who deserves the title a bit more than others.

4. Tom

Sorry to get our favourite Tom into play, but really, why does RaGa have to be after NaMo (Jerry) always, without any reason? Of course, because it is his job as a politician of the opposition; but it would be better if only he gave us a reason.

5. Candice (as in Phineas and Ferb)

Just like Candice is mumma’s girl, Gandhi is a typical mumma’s boy.

6. Shinzo (as in Ninja Hatori)

Just like Shinzo, we always see Rahul Gandhi crying and cribbing. Oh, what a cry-baby!

7. Chingam (from Motu-Patlu)

Similar to what inspector Chingam does- goes to make things right, ends up in a bigger trouble, RaGa somewhat faces the same issues.

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Jokes apart, but as of now, there’s just hope.

Do you agree with us? Do let us know in the comment section below! Till then enjoy the speeches of RaGa!

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