7 Animated Movies You Must Watch, Which Are Lessons To Sustain In One’s Life

Animated movies came a long way from fairy tales. Today’s animated movies leave an impact on our lives with lessons not limited to any age (Anyway there is no age to watch cartoons!). They remind us simple but deep principles of life we forget in the churns. Here are few movies which are not even meant to miss in a blink:

1. Zootopia


animated movies you must watch

It is a ride jam-packed with emotions, ambitions, relations, motivations and adventures. Officer Judy Hopps a cute little rabbit who believes only in two things:

  • Anybody can be anything.
  • Let us make the world a better place.

She comes to Zootopia which is like ‘Mumbai for dreams’ – opportunities and harsh realities. She meets Nick Wild who is a clever fox who mend his life after tasting bitter reality. Nick and Judy’s relation filled every reel with fun. They pushed each other to the limits. They will definitely remind you of your friendship with someone. Their journey from sly fox-dumb bunny to dumb fox – sly bunny is meant to watch. The last twist will drop your jaw.

P.S. ‘Try everything’ song from Zootopia, it fuels your motivation and meant to be on your playlist which quite sums up Judy’s beliefs.

2. Turbo


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Impossibility is never a frontier. There is the world behind it. Where you come from does not decide what you have to be. Turbo, a snail who dreams to become fast racer urges you to take a path of dreams even if you find yourself standing alone. May be there are few people who believe in us and they mend our paths, but this our race and we have to race alone. Turbo teaches us, ‘If there is no tomorrow, make best of today.’ Don’t listen to anyone when you know what you are doing. He raced to finish even with a broken shell. Fight till the end.

P.S. The Leap! Is another movie which makes you believe your dreams – when your dreams taste passion you are unstoppable. Don’t miss this movie.

3. Ratatouille


animated movies you must watch

Change is unaccepted and inevitable. We fail to understand that we can change the way we want. Change helps us to realize our passion and passion is what defines you. Ratatouille is a story of a great chef with humble beginnings. He builds his castle on a forbidden land. He also takes us to a phase where we may feel lost on the way and we may question our decisions, but the answer we find in this pursuit brings happens.

Change is nature, the part that we can influence and it starts when we decide.

4. Finding Dory


animated movies you must watch

The pain of loneliness when no memory stays with you is hard to emote. Sometimes in the search of home, we fail to live with family. Friends always help you overcome anything. She always believed if you have to make things better in life you need to face it with a smile. She will teach you to deal with loss. She compels us to believe in three things:

  • When something is too hard there is another way.
  • The best things happen by chance.
  • When life gets you down, you need to keep swimming.

5. Kubo and the two strings


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Threat and death are closely related. Escaping is never a solution. Dealing with them and accepting strengthens our souls. Every adventure leaves the experiences. Every incomplete story has a complete story. This movie is packed with love, pain, arrogance, hate and forgiveness. Every incomplete story has a complete story in it. Kubo will teach you how important it is to be brave and how precious memories are. His act of kindness and forgiveness will compel you to feel the souls inside.

Magic is in memories. Love is souls and these two make magic powerful.

6. Moana

animated movies you must watch

Conflicting dreams always land you in a war of thoughts. Moana’s life is tied between what her father wants for her and what she is meant to be. She is pulled to sea, to her destiny. She set to sail with demi-god Maui to restore the environment. Her adventurous journey leads her to her. Sometimes it is important to have a journey which leaves scars and reveal where you reached. A journey of self-discovery is ignored, but this is what everyone needs in life. Always remember ‘A real way finder never sleeps’.

P.S. ‘How far I’ll go.’ Is a song to be on a playlist which summons conflicting life choices we make between what we love and what seems right?

7. Frozen

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Acceptance – a word which is over used but made no sense. We accept our success and failures but not our differences. Being different is not being dangerous – but if you don’t know how that difference makes a difference in your life, you should give it a thought. A loved one who accepts this difference will let you heal, not conceal. Few relations are worth melting for who put them before you in every danger. You will learn how an act of true love thaws a frozen heart. Love comes in any form in any relation. You don’t need a man to feel the true love. Frozen let you melt, heal and love every bit of you and every string of your relation.

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