6 Words Most Indians Use While Speaking In Desi English

We have a huge country and a diverse population. No matter what place you live in India, you will definitely come across these words once in your life when someone was speaking in Desi English with you.

  1. “I told you na.” “This is not looking nice na?” “You know na I don’t…”
    To the people who add ‘Na’ after every sentence, It is annoying ‘na.’

Desi English

2. Do One Thing… Only one okay? Because that’s how you translate ‘Ek kaam kar’.desi english

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3. “My Real Brother is on the left and my Cousin Brother is on the right side.”  Guys your sibling is your real brother and your cousin is your cousin, not your cousin sister or cousin brother.

Desi English
4. “What is your good name?” Bad names do not exist, thus good names neither. Also, cause ‘Aapka shubh naam’ in English should be this.

Desi English
“I was saying that only” “I am like this only” Can you stop using only like after every sentence? Speak correct English. “I am correct. only

Desi English

6. Literally… Basically… Actually… Why do you repeat the same word before starting every sentence? Basically every sentence, Literally every sentence, actually all sentences.

desi english
These Were The 6 Words Most Indians Use While Speaking In Desi English.

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