6 Ways To Sort Out Your Life After College

coz it is going to be tough.

Happens to be a task to move out of a land your survived for three (3) or more years. Nevertheless, this task is necessary since the place can no longer accommodate you.There are HR’s from HOD’s, boardrooms from seminar halls, colleagues from classmates and caffeine from chai. 

Setting into this environment needs a big picture, indeed a big!

1. A bitter truth!

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Get over the class hours and assignments. There is now a twelve (12) hour shift and some extra time to earn a little more. The packed schedule often leads you into health issues and psychic torture; but the time of bunking and chilling is long gone. You must know it’s not coming back. Either stay satisfied with no taking extra shifts or learn that you need to work harder, to get what you want. A bitter truth!

2. Priority shifts

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Relaxing with the average marks or zero; those little heartbreaks are no longer the only cause of worry. The time passed at work surges professionalism and adds various other relationships too. Making choices are now the hardest, so I tell you, this is the time to prioritize yourself. The relationship where you matter will stay and the ones that do not require you will fade away. Don’t add them as a priority asset, neither let anyone consider you as one. You now know who’s the FRIEND!

3. Remember and be remembered

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You now need to stay away from home and friends. What are Sundays for! Cherish the little fun and embrace the heart break stories. Remember that favorite place, food and that person .Skype and whats app!

4. Don’t blame!

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“Stay in touch”, how often you said that during your graduation.

A fact – you were surrounded by 20 people then and may be 2 now. Situations change and so those words. Don’t blame it on anyone or yourself; rather know that it’s no that usual day now.

5. Pamper yourself

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Pamper yourself more and more. A new way to balance things and life. Some music, spa, books, movies or sleep. Do the thing that lifts you up.

6. A different zone

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Gather yourself around some heads whom you never imagined of being with. A recent study says (by me) that you instantly gain knowledge about world that you are existing in. Certainly, some humans do have good heart, a genuine one.

It is a tough world out there, beyond the campus boundaries. The leap is going to be amusing, tiring, choking, challenging, practical and genuine. You will bloom strong. Stay loved!

Tell us your ways to sort things outside college. Share us your after campus experiences in the comment section below.