6 Things You Must Do Before You Get Into A Relationship!


A relationship is often a very beautiful part of a lot of lives. Usually, the serious ones or marriages often change our lives. However, getting into a commitment is a decision that requires a lot of thinking and determination. Although most of us look forward to welcoming that kind of a change in our lives, there are certain things we must do before stepping into the next stage.

1. Living alone

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Living alone doesn’t only entail you staying on your own. Shopping, watching a movie in the theater, eating, sleeping and doing tons of other activities alone is what it means. Once you’ve grown comfortable living with only yourself, you’ll feel complete on your own and you’ll know that when you get into a relationship, it isn’t out of loneliness but love.

2. A trip with your friends

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A Dil Chaahta Hai or Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara kind of trip is what we all dream of with our friends. Admit it or not, friends often get left behind when you get a significant other which is why you need to go on at least one only-friends trip with your buddies before you step into a committed relationship.

3. Learning basic life skills

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Cooking, personal grooming and being able to take care of yourself are some of the things you must be able to do before getting together with another person. This will not only make you independent and self-sufficient but also prove as a great help to your partner. Would you want to date someone you have to take care of at every step? No, right? Then, don’t be that person.

4. Getting a head-start into your career

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This is probably the most basic thing you’ve got to handle. Professional goals are often like marriage goals: you’ve got to focus quite a lot on them and with a very clear frame of mind. Once you start earning and are at least on the right way to achieving your career goals, you can be more relaxed with your partner.

5. Bringing up an animal or a plant

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Taking care of a pet or bringing up a plant are activities that require nurturing, time and commitment. When you look after something every day, you learn patience, trust perseverance. Once you’ve mastered the art of loving someone without wanting to give up even when things don’t go your way, you’ve learnt a big lesson in relationships right there.

6. Loving yourself

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Last but not the least, don’t ever forget to love yourself before waiting for anyone else to love you. A lot of relationships fail because people expect the other person to complete their flaws and love them in a way that makes up for all that they’ve lost, without often realizing that the only person who can do that is they themselves. Fall in love with yourself first, always.

Relationship is a life long responsibility, commitment and warm-fellowship. We hope you self-construct and commit before becoming part of someone’s life.

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