6 Steps That You Must Follow To Redeem From Rejection

Did someone reject your proposal? Hey, you! Cheer up! You are strong enough to handle and get over it. Small rejections pass with time as we redeem, but receiving the rejection in career and love complicate things. Rejection is a constant thing in our life. Everyone asks you to handle rejection but no one tells you how? TMZ, your dear friend will help you to end this and start a new phase through these 6 steps:

  1. Lament to laugh

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Remember quote from ‘Fault in our Stars’

“Pain demands to be felt.”

It’s true! Feel the pain. Cry out! Let it sink in! You need to feel the rejection to get over it and wear the laugh on your face. You need to accept. Lament enough and quit. It is important to stop it at some point of time and get out of ‘Lament room’ into life to proceed to next step.

  1. Coffee with companion

Spend some time with a friend or closed one. Go out. Talk to them. Sharing is a way of releasing burden and they can help you to sort things out. They will also pull you out of grieving period which may go overboard. It is important to come out of melancholy otherwise you will drop into depression.

  1. Don’t take it personally – Re-frame your rejection

They didn’t reject you. They rejected your proposal. Don’t take rejection as a personal insult. Their rejection is not judgment stamped on you. Re-frame it into ‘No’; people say no because they don’t want it, not because it is inferior. Believe in yourself. Remind yourself that you deserve better. Re-frame your rejection into an opportunity to move for better.

  1. Quit

It’s good to persuade till you get what you want. You should also know when to quit persuasion. However, your persuasion should not hurt you and the person you are persuading. For example, you don’t like something and you rejected. If that person keeps on persuading, how will you feel? It will be irritating. Similarly, for that person too. Too much persuasion also hurts you. Quit hurting yourself.

  1. Attract distraction

This always works. Distract yourself and focus on yourself. Sounds complicated, but very simple. Distract yourself from negative thoughts born from rejection and focus on improving yourself. Focus on your hobbies and passion. Indulge yourself in physical activities and extra-curricular activities.

  1. Move on

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You felt it, spoke about it and distracted from it. Now, process the last step – Moving on! It is very important to move on. The dwelling will lead you to depression. I know this is the hardest part, but moving on will help you to grab alluring opportunities.

Rejection is a part of everyday life. We are sure you will handle it well. If not! We are here for you! Share your rejection stories in comments. We will help you! Share it with TMZ!