6 Signs That Tell You To Move On From A Broken Relation

The era we live in today isn’t an abode of arranged marriages anymore. The days of Swayamvara are long gone and so are the days of seeing the groom/bride one day before marriage. Now, we date, breakup and patch-up or move on. Understand one another’s feelings and thoughts before reaching the flag of commitment. The thing is, we aren’t committed to a single person. For a year or two, the relationship seems like a bed of roses. And when the roses wither away, leaving only a thorn bed, none of us is ready to bleed for our bond.

If one person is ready, then the other isn’t! A few get lucky and they go down together. But to those couples, where the feelings of the boy and the girl do not weigh equally the balance snaps. We term it – “Breakup“.

Post breakup, it is a melodramatic soap opera. A few choose to let it all out without bothering if his/her friend is OKAY with listening to their relationship issues. Some choose silence over words because they know that no matter what, they can’t reverse what’s already done. There are others who drown themselves in booze and drugs; and a few who commit suicide.

Love wrongs no one
It is love even if you’re only one

Instead of hurting ourselves, physically and mentally, we desperately need to move on from a broken relationship before it cuts you deep and bleeds you dry. Here are a few signs that indicate a green for moving on, especially to the ones in those relationships which are put ON HOLD. Like,

  • Let’s focus on our careers now. We’ll see the world and get back together after a few months or years.
  • What do you say, let’s be friends for now, okay?
  • I am too busy for relationships. That doesn’t mean I don’t love you. I love you, really! But, now’s not a good time. Maybe, later?

1. They see you, yet, they don’t

Once you used to be so close – hanging on each other’s arms, pecking and hugging tight, irrespective of your surroundings. Now, your partner looks at you. Maybe, if you’re lucky, he/she greets you with a smile. Then, nothing anymore. Your partner likes your every post on Facebook, Instagram and also sees your WhatsApp stories for him/her. Yet, after all your efforts in trying to change their views with your words, they don’t respond at all – you need to move on.

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2. They forget You and Things about You

Forgetting you doesn’t mean that they will not acknowledge your existence. It’s the little things they once used to know and care but don’t bother knowing about them now. Oh, they will remember your birthday, and your anniversary even! They won’t ask you if you’ve taken your pills (if you are on an everyday medication); might stop asking you when you’ve slept (if you’re a night-owl and your partner isn’t). These are a few examples and no matter how many times you remind them, they’ll keep on forgetting. Just another sign that your temporary breakup is a real one.

3. Your priority number is minus infinity

You used to be his/her number one, is what you thought. A wrong move there, fellas! If your partner accuses you of anything that’s related to their life, do not expect a reunion of love after a couple of years. It won’t come! You may or may not have been the reason his/her friends kept him/her away because he’s/she’s always on the phone with you but they throw the blame on you. On you, who might’ve sacrificed your own time with your friends just to spend a bit more with the one you love. If your priority in their life gradually decreases and doesn’t have any hopes of increments, trust me, close your eyes and let them go. You deserve better and so does your partner.

4. Your call duration is 00:00 minutes

Is your mind haunted with whispers of your partner speaking to you on phone for hours? When you look at them passing by your side the next day, do you wonder why their eyes aren’t red, like yours? Do you wait for them to call you back after they’ve cut your phone and sent you an SMS saying “I’m busy.” Finally, when they call you and you demand why they’ve bothered to contact you, did they scream at you in frustration telling you that you aren’t the only one in their lives; or, they can’t keep calling you every day and talk for hours? In the past, they loved to talk to you and now, they can’t do it anymore? You now need to accept that you aren’t the one for them.

5. Your views aren’t taken into account

I can term this as a Career clash too. Generally, though we have our own ideas of career paths, we tend to listen to what others say. Does your conversation break into a fight whenever you advise your partner regarding their future? If yes, then, your relationship is completely going down the drains. They used to ask your opinion in their shopping spree in the past. Now, they won’t. They’ll argue with you, always. They won’t even try and understand why you say what you say. Especially, if you are a feminist and your partner isn’t, man, it’s graver than Hell. You’ll be fried even before reaching Perdition.

6. Frequent breakup and patchups

A few breakups are customary in any relationship. In fact, they are necessary to delve into the depths of your love. But, if the number goes on increasing without any period to push it back down, you need to question your relationship. If you aren’t the one calling for a breakup or if your partner has no solid reason supporting his demand for a break, it is a sign that sooner or later, your partner will leave you forever and you must prepare yourself to move on.

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There are times when couples decide they require a mutual break but you need to identify the kind of break you wish to take.

  • A break that leads to make-up
  • A break that leads to breakup

Which is it? To know more about how breaks in a relationship work, Click Here!


What happens will happen, one way or another. Yes, you loved them more than anything else in this world and still, they left you. They accused you of many things gone wrong in their life and you took it to your heart. It’s perfectly all right. Do your thing – whatever you do when you’re upset and get back on track. I know that it’s easier said than done. So, try. It’ll hurt like Hell, it’ll claw the life out of you. But in the end

You are the one who should never give up on yourself.

If you do, that’s the truest form of Betrayal and Breakup.

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