6 Reasons Why You Should Never Let Go Of Your Hobbies And Passion!

Let’s face it. Every moment of every day, a lot of us feel worthless. People with no accomplishments, big or small and unknown talents. Even if we know of something that we are good at, or enjoy doing, we veil behind excuses of being extremely busy. And while we cringe at others progressing leaps and bounds in their lives, the thought of our un-accomplishing, sad lives, only sets us back to ground zero.

And this is why I tell you, never let go of your hobbies and passion that drives your guts, gushing insane amounts of adrenaline into your blood streams. Even if you do it in the tiniest bit, just DO IT. Here’s why:

1. When you will look back onto your life years later, you will wish if only you had managed to find the time, and not excuse.

Yes, and then, the inability to go back and find a little time for yourself, will irk your soul, EVERY.DAMN.MOMENT!

Never Let Go Of Your Hobbies And Passion

2.Your productivity will increase!

Yes, multi-talented people are a WIN-WIN, no matter where they set their foot. And creativity finds its way, all day, every day.

Never Let Go Of Your Hobbies And PassionNever Let Go Of Your Hobbies And Passion

3.You will have a wide social circle.

If you happen to have a hobby or passion that engages others as well, like dancing, or writing, you are not too far from being surrounded by amazing people with, well, amazing stories of their own.

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4.You can make bucks out of your talent!

Yes, just try a little harder. If you are best at what you do, the world will find you, sooner or later. Turn that hobby into your profession, or keep it part-time. Whatever floats your boats!

Never Let Go Of Your Hobbies And Passion

5.The sense of satisfaction is the GREATEST of all.

Doing something that keeps your soul happy and heart dancing never hurt anyone. And most importantly, you will love yourself even more.

Never Let Go Of Your Hobbies And Passion

6.Over life, you may lose it all, but gain experiences.

And experiences are always better than regrets. At least you tried when giving up was the easiest option. You are already a winner. Yayy!

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More than an option, keep it a choice that you made for yourself. If making cute little things for your loved ones makes you happy, overwhelm them with that creativity of yours. If nothing seems better than sitting by the windows and reading a good book over a steaming cup of coffee, read it daily, even if it’s just one paragraph. Let the shy singer come out of you in the bathroom. Dance like no one’s watching. Skate around with kids half your age. Trust me, to them, you will be a cool adult. Do what your heart desires, and for god’s sake, don’t say, ‘Yaar time hi ni milta!’

Tell us about your passion and how were you able to follow it?

Never Let Go Of Your Hobbies And Passion. Drop your view in the comments section below: